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11 02 2009 - On this day, big fires were lit on all the squares of the Moussadaghian villages
Darendas (Diarentarach) - 13th & 14th of February
On this day, big fires were lit on all the squares of the Moussadaghian villages. The people would go round the fire making cheerful sounds and all those who had unfulfilled wishes would jump over the fire hoping for the realization of his/her dreams. On Saturday night, there would be more candles lit in the church than usual. On the alter you would see 12 candles lit in a circle, representing the 12 Apostles of Christ, and another big one in the middle, representing Jesus Christ. After the Mass, people would light their candles from the big candle and carry them home hoping that their homes would be anointed with the light of Jesus which would keep the evil spirits away. In the middle of the 12 candles there would also be a large piece of bee wax which would be distributed to the people, specially the children, after the Mass. They would make small crosses out of them and stick them on the doors of their homes and storage rooms for prosperity.
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Dyarnenarach (Presented in Front of the Lord-from a Jewish custom and law, that every first born male child should be brought in front of the Lord)
Forty days after Christmas, mothers bring their children to the Church and after the evening services, the priests take them and carry them around the altar and hand them over to their mother. During the evening service, a big candle is lighted and after the services people light their own candles and take them home, to light a candle at home, so that the Lord lights their homes and protect them. In the mean time, a big fire is prepared in the Church yard, where young couples, newly married or engaged, go around it for three times or, when the fire is down, jump over it, so that the Lord guide them into happiness

Annette Melikian

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