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13 02 2009 - Not serious: Charles Aznavour ambassador of Armenia to Switzerland
Following the confirmation of the nomination of Charles Aznavour at the post of Armenia's ambassador in Switzerland, certain persons in charge of the diaspora wonder about the relevance of this proposal, accepted by the singer.

« Charles Aznavour accepted, then rejected, and then accepted the proposal of the President of Armenia to become Ambassador of Armenia in Switzerland. "I am a free person" said the singer to the Spanish daily El Pais, "I felt very proud and happy [of this nomination] that day. But the next day, I thought more carefully and I came to the conclusion that I would lose my freedom by accepting this offer".

Diplomacy is not show business and Armenia as well as Mr. Aznavour had everything to lose in this cat and mouse game. Most acerbic comments might flourish if Mr. Aznavour continued his hesitation waltz rather than defend Armenia with his own weapons: songs and movies.

The Armenian community of Switzerland is now waiting eagerly to know who will be appointed ambassador. Armenia needs a professional diplomat that can commit full time to give Armenia its right place toward the Swiss authorities and the UN. »

This is the text online diffused by, the website of the Armenian community from Switzerland based in Bern. Moreover, the embassy of Armenia in Geneva did not receive from Erevan confirmation of the nomination of Mr. Charles Aznavour for the post of ambassador.

According to certain private declarations, members of the Armenian community in Europe would be circumspect in front of this nomination which requires high knowledge and diplomatic competences.

Jean Eckian / Paris

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