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15 09 2009 -National Library of Armenia launch a call to the diaspora
Because the deficit of books from foreign countries is big, Davit Sargsyan, director of National Library calls the authors and publishers from foreign for sent their books in Armenia..

In 2012 the National Librairy will be celebrating five hundred years of printing in Armenian, and will be preparing many different programs and exhibitions. For this purpose, D.Sargsyan hopes to fill in gaps in its collections.

NLA is the storehouse of the wealth of the Armenian people's knowledge and creativity. Library holds copies of books published worldwide from 1515 until the present, as well a periodicals, works of music, art, and other items. At present, its holdings number 6.6 million items. Thus, it is the largest library of Armenian works in the world.

This gives it the opportunity to introduce Armenian books and culture around the globe, and of course, in exchange, receive many valuable publications from many countries. Nonetheless, Armenian or foreign language Armenological publications dealing with Armenian history, litterature, culture, and other relevant topics are issued in so many different countries and places that they do not always reach the homeland. This is a serious shortcoming for the library, its readers, and of course, for publishers and authors.

Currently, only 8 % of books result from the Diaspora. This is the reason for which the National library makes this call to the authors, publishers of books (any languages), magazines, newspapers and all which is printed and concerns Armenia and Armenians.

By donating books to the National Library, this allows Armenians not only in Armenia but also in other countries to become aware of and have access to authors. It will allow study of these works and will contribute to the international reputation of their authors.

For more information Contact Alisa Adamian, director of exchanges and foreign relations, at

Postal adress, 72, Terian Street, Yerevan 375009, Armenia.

Jean Eckian
WAP / Paris

Jean Eckian

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