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31 08 2009 - America: Armenian Arts event-
Armenians in America…….pictures from Stepan’s site
August 2009
Dear Annette,
You have been asking yourself, what is Stepan Partamian doing with my money?

Your Money, which is the donation of $20 you gave to get the book Yes, We Have.
if you have not, then please do not ask yourself that question and just enjoy these pictures from "The Armenian in America"

If you like what you see then visit and get your autographed copy or get them as gifts for your non Armenian friends.

These $20s are getting me to all the 435 locations in the USA that are called The Armenian, which will be published in 2010 as the first ever research and documentation of the Armenian identity in all of the United States of America TODAY.

Stepan partamian
Armenian Arts Fund

Annette Melikian

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