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06 11 08 - Hrant's Dink Interview
This is the link to the website where you can watch Hrant Dink interview. It is from last Wednesday Nov 1,2006 ( From Annette Melikian- USA )
Established in Los Angeles in 2002, the Armenian Arts Fund addresses the growing need for cutting-edge, high-quality Armenian cultural endeavors: activities that reflect the most significant and substantive creative aspirations of the Armenian-American community.

While too often those aspirations are frustrated by a lack of funding and logistical resources, the Armenian Arts Fund is dedicated to supporting young and emerging talents and disseminating their work in and beyond California.

At the heart of the Armenian Arts Fund is an enduring faith in quality art at the one hand, and the continued vibrancy and promise of Armenian culture on the other. This trust draws strength from the combined experience of the cultural workers behind the Fund, and the Armenian Arts organization in particular.

Founded in 2000 by a group of arts professionals headed by Stepan Partamian, the Armenian Arts organization introduced an unprecedented dynamic into California’s Armenian cultural arena. Through a string of outstanding concerts, television programs and publishing projects, the initiative proved that there is urgent popular demand for events that buck the trend: to bring novelty, candor and unfettered inspiration to cultural discourse.

Above all, Armenian Arts distinguished itself with its support of young, talented musicians, visual artists and writers. Many of these individuals and groups got their first break with the encouragement and assistance of Armenian Arts.

The Armenian Arts Fund is a natural outgrowth of this new tradition. It is designed not only to seek out and promote extraordinary Armenian talent, but to share the work of a new generation of creative professionals with an appreciative Armenian and world audience.

Armenian culture – as movement, as vision – can only grow the richer by this effort.

The Armenian Arts Fund was established to leverage the mass of cultural accomplishments achieved by the Armenian Arts organization in recent years. The Fund is about building on that momentum, continuing to promote talented young artists, and offering the Armenian public exceptional events that nurture and inspire. Expanding this work into the future means not only strengthening existing activity areas, but also embracing new technologies and means of communication, in order to better serve an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Your timely support is crucial to the mission of the Armenian Arts Fund. Armenian Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation, and it is governed under strict laws of transparency and accountability. Best of all, its track record speaks for itself.

Today, we urge you, as a concerned Armenian and an arts patron, to become part of a whole new cultural paradigm. You have the choice to support any or all of our activity areas, and we encourage you to voice your opinions on how to improve them.

The Armenian Arts Fund has an annual operating budget of $300,000, all of which comes from grass roots support. Such an amount may not be enough to build a cathedral, but it’s more than adequate to organize a slew of outstanding, memorable cultural events, underwrite quality television programming, and publish extremely useful magazines and books. In short, your contribution will enable us to bolster a process that relies on our own strengths, to appreciate our very best forces and help them succeed: a grass roots effort dedicated to the grass roots.

Think of the possibilities… and think of the profoundly positive changes your support will advance.


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