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Video musicali del poeta persiano Moulana

Chi è Moulana:

Maulaana Jalalludin Balkhi was born in 1207 in Balkh, a village part of the Khorassan's Persian region*. His name was Jalalludin Mohammad. Even though he was born in Afghanistan, in Turkey and ancient Rome he was known as 'Rumi' meaning "from Rome". In the wake of Mongolian attacks his family moved to Anatolia, Turkey. He known mostly as Maulaana Jalalludin Balkhi in Afghanistan but in Turkey, to oppose his birthplace claims, Turkey is claiming that Jalalludin Balkhi is from Turkey and not Afghanistan. It is true that the far northern part of Afghanistan's area where he was born was known as Turkistan one time but to conclude he was an Afghan to the end. [continua...]

*Today the city of Balkh is in Afghanistan, but in the XIII century was part of the Persian empire. Sadly, often the media forget the true nationality of Moulana.

RASSEGNA SITOGRAFICA UNESCO for Moulana UNESCO for Moulana Jalaledin - e Rumi