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Herman Vahramian

Notizia diffusa dall'Agenzia Stampa Iraniana IRNA

Iranian professor, researcher, Herman Vahramian, praised by minister of culture

Rome, May 5, IRNA -- Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ahmad Masjed Jamei praised an Italian-based Iranian research professor for his efforts at making the world more familiar with Iranian civilization and culture.
In a letter to Professor Herman Vahramian, Masjed Jamei said that all Iranian citizens would be proud of his untiring efforts to introduce Iranian and Islamic culture and civilization to the world.
The letter was handed over to Vahramian for Masjed Jamei by Iranian Ambassador to Rome Bahram Qasemi.
Vahramian, 64, is an Iranian-Armenian graduate of architecture from Milan University who left Iran in 1960 to continue his studies in the field of architecture in Italy.
Since receiving his Ph.D in 1972, Vahramian has written some 106 books on Oriental and Occidental Arts some of which relate to Iranian arts and architecture.
He has also penned more than 120 research articles on Iranian- Armenian Oriental Art which have been published in various publications in different parts of the world including Iran, the United States and Armenia as well as in some countries in Europe and the Middle East.
Masjed Jamei, in his letter to Vahramian, said that Iranian- Armenians, along with other ethnic minorities of Iran, have always served the country in many ways.
Praising Vahramian's 40 years of untiring efforts in introducing Iranian and Islamic culture to the world, the minister said Iranians would undoubtedly be proud of him.
It was also learned that the Iranian professor was made an honorary citizen of Italy in 1997 for his significant efforts at encouraging relations among world nations.
Vahramian is currently in Milan taking a rest as he has been diagnosed with a debilitating disease.