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06 10 05 - A delegation of Turkish deputies were received Wednesday by Jack Lang,
Jean Eckian
FRANCE: News threats of Turkey
A delegation of Turkish deputies were received Wednesday by Jack Lang, deputy and former minister (socialist party), to protest against the bill penalizing the Armenian Genocide which must be submitted to the French Parliament on October 12. The members of Turkish Parliament stated clearly that economic reprisals would be inflicted in France in the event of adoption of the bill by the French deputies.
If it is adopted, the Law will condemn the authors of the negation of the Armenian Genocide, has fine of 45.000 euros and up to 5 years in prison.
They threaten in addition, to expel the 70 000 Armenians living "illegally" on the Turkish territory for the same reasons.
The French companies, questioned on this problem, having contracts with Turkey, reacted moderately, saying that they "know the music" and that would relate to only contracts to come and not those signed before.
This new interference of the Turkish State in the decisions of the French policy is a response with the declaration of French president Jacques Chirac at the time of her visit in Arménia when he declared that Turkey was to admit the Armenian Genocide to integrate the European Union.
Re: precision: Jack Lang declared on LCI TV channel (France)
"Even if I were alone, I will vote against this absurd text which is
a electoralist
Jean Eckian


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