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06 10 05-Karabagh: Kashatagh: Reactions to Hetq Articles
[October 2, 2006]( From A.Melikian USA)
Last August Hetq investigated the situation in the Kashatagh region of Karabakh and described for its readers the criminal actions of the head of the regional administration, Hamlet Khachatryan. The actions of his administration and the policy carried out by the government of Nagorno Karabakh have led many settlers to emigrate from this region. Many of these settlers were Armenians who had been forced out of different regions of Azerbaijan.
Our articles caught the attention of a number of Diaspora Armenians and local and international organizations that had implemented various humanitarian projects in the region or made financial contributions. Our readers were especially disturbed by the fact that the services of the Berdzor Hospital are no longer free of charge.
We have learned that the government of Nagorno Karabakh also held discussions on the situation in Kashatagh after our articles came out. A governmental commission visited Kashatagh and conducted audits of the administration and different organizations. Our source within the NKR government also informed us that the government has decided to make treatment at the Berdzor hospital free of charge again and will issue a formal decision soon.


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