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06 09 30 - Petition for Kashatagh
( From An. Melikian USA)( Lachin) Go to website: An Appeal To Help The Armenians Of Kashatagh Dear Fellow Armenians,Recently, a series of investigative news reports have appeared in various Armenian media outlets that highlight the worsening socio-economic conditions in the Kashatagh region (formerly known as Lachin), the vital lifeline connecting the Mountainous Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh to the Republic of Armenia. As a result, Armenians are fleeing the region in increasing numbers for a better life in Armenia, Russia and beyond. It would appear that those officials responsible for the region are either unwilling or incapable of ameliorating the conditions for those Armenians who remain.In 1994, when a cease-fire was declared in the Karabakh war, a policy of repopulating the region was initiated. The authorities involved appealed to Armenians, whether refugees from Baku or citizens of Yerevan, to come to the newly liberated lands, to build homes, to raise families. They were encouraged to do so with promises of support and assistance. Many Armenians heeded the call and went.But today, many of those who moved to Kashatagh are leaving. Most complain that ten years later life is getting harder not easier. Many say that they are being neglected by the same people who encouraged them to settle in Kashatagh in the first place. A feeling of betrayal and isolation is now widespread among those Armenians who remain.Just read what Artsakh Bunyatyan, Chief Physician of the Berdzor Hospital and Karabakh war veteran has to say on the subject:"What is it like for someone living in Kashatagh? He's cast off from news, no radio, no TV, no decent socio-economic conditions, living in shacks in the kingdom of ruins. These people came to rebuild the wrecks but the government reduced their mentality to ruin. And they feel swindled - the promises that were made have not been kept."The reality of what is happening in Kashatagh is slowly getting out. We in the Diaspora who are concerned with this troubling news can no longer remain silent for we too share some responsibility in the matter. Yes we have sent aid and support to Artsakh, and we should continue to do so. But highways and hotels alone are of little comfort to a family with inadequate housing, medical care they can ill afford and, most importantly, a belief that their fellow Armenians no longer care about their plight. Further assistance without accountability can no longer be tolerated. Thus, we urge you to sign this petition!!!By doing so, you will be sending a message to the Armenians in Kashatagh that we will not abandon them in their hour of need. You will also be sending a powerful message to those responsible for this tragedy that concerned Armenians will no longer tolerate "business as usual". Thank you,Coalition in Support of Kashatagh


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