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06 09 04 - Adventures of « TINTIN » in Armenian
Paris september 4, 2006 By Jean Eckian

Translated into 64 languages, with more than 100 million sales, comic strip of Belgian HERGE (George REMI, 1907-1983) celebrates it, "Tintin & Milou", is available today in Armenian thanks to the translation of Jean-Varoujean GUREGHIAN * and his Rousane wife. The first album translated in Armenian is entitled "The 7 crystal balls". The first adventure of the young person, reporter globetrotter, "Tintin in country of the Soviets" (black and white) was published in year 1930. The album was allocated to auction 6000 $ (2000).

Several months of work were necessary to Rousane and Jean Gureghian for the translation. In order to remain faithful to the spirit of Hergé's text, Sarkis, the designer in charge for the visual adaptation, confronted difficulties on his own. The size of the original "balloons" being already defined they had to adjust the number of words and the size of letters in order to make them fit.
Sometimes they even imagined new onomatopoeias.

French will be the first to discover Tintin in Armenian in september, next Armenia and later, the diaspora.

*Born in Paris in 1934, Jean V. Gureghian is an author of several books, in particular of "the destiny of my father", published in Turkey under title "Babamin y Azgizi". Graduate architect of
Polytechnic Institute of Erevan, musician of jazz and painter, it is also known to have been a president founder of the "Committee of April 24".
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Jean Gureghian


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