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ParisAugust17,2006 Eckian

August 10, The expedition "Tigranakert" of the institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia with the initiative and financing of „France-Karabagh‰ and"Yerkir" Union of NGO-s for Repatriation and Settlement has made
astounding discoveries. The expedition,led by the Doctorof Historical Sciences Hamlet Petrosyan,managed to find the citadelconstructed by Tigran The Great. The structure was built by huge plain stone blocks tied to each other with the so called "swallow-tail bounds" - an advanced Hellenic technique. Such a complicated and advanced technique is used here for the first time and serves as evidence for the hypothesis of the research group, in particular that Tigranakert of Artsakh is located at the same place as the current archaeological excavation. One of the fenced terraces of the city,which is also constructed from plain blocks, is also under excavation.
The excavations of the urban district and adjacent burial mounds have also been initiated.
These excavations have come to prove that Armenian identity has been present in the lower stream of Khachenaget (former region of Aghdam)at least since the first century B.C.


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