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06 08 14 - GIBRAHAYER e-magazine
If you are having one... hope it is a good one !
GIBRAHAYER e-magazineDear subscribers, While wishing a pleasant summer vacation to you all, I highly recommend the following website . Save it on your favourites. I urge you to watch all the presentations and debates and perhaps share your views, when Gibrahayer restarts publication in September.Pari amar polorin.Simon Aynedjian ARMENIANS AND THE LEFT In an effort to develop ties with political currents outside the mainstream United States and broaden the range of participation among an increasingly diverse Armenian community, the ARF Dashnaktsoutiun in the Eastern United States teamed up with The Nation Institute to host a conference titled "Armenians and the Left". The conference examined how activists can build coalitions with other dispossessed groups and progressive movements, explored strategies beyond the dominant, conventional ones currently pursued by Armenian-American organizations, and sought alternative ways of understanding Armenia's predicament besides the usual state-centered approaches.Click on the video archive section and watch the online presentations and debates on www.armeniansandtheleft.comArmenian Political Identity:Neery Melkonian, Khatchik Der Ghoukassian, Antranig KasbarianModerator: Antranig Kasbarian Reparations:Kibibi Tyehimba, Henry Theriault, Moderator: Hayg OshaganArmeno-Turkish Dialogue:Ragip Zarakolu, Marc Mamigonian, Dikran Kaligian, Moderator: Dikran Kaligian Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in the Caucasus:Nina Ognianova, Rachel Denber, Robert Krikorian, Moderator: Doug GeogerianGlobalization and the Politics of Empire:Levon Chorbajian, Markar Melkonian, Lenotina Hormel, Moderator: Levon Chorbajian Women and Political Power:Maria Titizian, Nancy Kricorian, Maria Armoudian, Moderator: Lucine KasbarianWar, Media and Propaganda: Robert Fisk, David Barsamian, Moderator: Levon Chorbajian
gibrahayer calendar
· Thursday 10 August, 2006 at 9:00 pm - APOEL vs Trabzonspor for the UEFA Championships second qualifying round at GSP Stadium in Nicosia. Return match in two weeks in Turkey at Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium in Trabzon.· Saturday 12 August, 2006 at 10:00 pm - Marie Louise Kouyoumdjian sings at Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca every Wednesday and Saturday.· Sunday to Sunday 13-20 August, 2006 - Armenian Youth Federation of Cyprus, SUMMER CAMP AT TROODOS, Ages: 8-20 All inclusive participation fee: 45 cyp. For more details please contact the following organisers: Levon Sarian 99409988, Kerry Nadjarian 99476108, Vrej Zacharian 99880709. The closing ceremony and traditional Jashgerouyt will take place on Sunday 20 August, 2006, and is open for all parents and visitors. All prospective campers can pick up the application form and the list of items that they need to take with them for camping, every day after 7:00 pm at AYMA.· Saturday 26, August, 2006 - POOL Party at Champs Elysee (near K-Cineplex) Entrance 5.00. First drink FREE. For tickets please call 99880709. Bring your tickets along, prior to the event.· Monday - Wednesday 18-20 September, 2006 - Armenia-Diaspora Conference, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan, Armenia.
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