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Following the first visit to Turkey of the Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, an investigation is launched against Karekin II under article 301 of Anti-Terror Law for "insulting Turkishness".

(Bolis) - An investigation has been launched in Turkey against the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Catholicos Karekin II related to remarks he made during his first visit to the country last week.
The investigation was started under controversial article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code for "insulting Turkishness" and is related to a criminal complaint filed by an individual named Recep Akkus and the right-wing Jurists Union that has pursued a series of similar complaints against high-profile Turkish authors and intellectuals.
Akkus himself as among those who filed a criminal complaint against Turkey-EU Mixed Parliamentary Commission co-chairman Joost Lagendijk for, "insulting the Turkish army and judiciary organs and attempting to influence the judiciary".
The complaint related to a press conference held at the Armenian Patriarchy last week where Karekin II said "genocide is not an issue of research for our people, it is an incident that has happened and it should be recognised".
Turkey's NTV channel reported that as Karekin II is currently in Armenia and there is no judicial assistance agreement between Turkey and that country, it is not likely for a statement to be taken from the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church by Letter of Request.
If the prosecution deems it necessary, it can issue a warrant to all border doors and entry points for Karekin II to be questioned and a statement taken from him on his next entry into the country.
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news in brief
(Gibrahayer - June 30, 2006) - The second floor of the Kalaydjian Rest Home was inaugurated by President of the Cyprus Republic Tassos Papadopoulos on Wednesday 28 June, 2006 in Nicosia under the religious blessings of Bishop Nikiforos. Also present at the opening were representatives of the Cyprus government and political parties, Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian and the newly elected Armenian representative Vartkes Mahdessian and his wife Maggie as well as many members of the Armenian community of Cyprus.
The Kalaydjian brothers Aram and Bedros - who served as Armenian representatives in the Cyprus Parliament - were the ones who conceived and implemented their dream of a Rest Home for the third generation.
Although both passed away too early, to see the completion of the second floor, their widows Peggy and Lisa - together with members of the Kalaydjian family - witnessed the inauguration of the second floor that was erected by the generous donation of Alice and Arous Rafaelian. The Cyprus Government has contributed 100,000 cyp.
The Kalaydjian Rest Home has 22 rooms and can welcome 40.
You can read Roupen Kalaydjian's speech on the day of the inauguration on the special weblet on the permanent pages of Gibrahayer e-magazine on
Kalaydjian Rest Home website at:

(Gibrahayer July 2, 2006) Bringing back a forgotten tradition of hosting a reception for the young graduates of our schools, Armenian MP in the House of Representatives Vartkes Mahdessian and his wife Maggie, hosted a reception to all graduates of Nareg, and all secondary schools and universities at their home on Thursday June 29.
Around 60 graduates participated in the cocktail reception and discussed with the newly elected representative their options for further education and career options.

(Gibrahayer June 30, 2006) Parents of Nareg met in a meeting last Tuesday 27 June, to discuss accumulated problems of Nareg school in a meeting that span over four hours. A list of suggestions and demands were drawn up to be presented to the Hokapartsoutiun, with a two-week response period on issues that parents consider urgent.
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PAP Yeghiazarian
Migirdich Migirdicyan - Canada
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Alenoosh Didonian - Limassol
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The Turkish Proverb of the week

"Atdan dusmis, dag cusu brakmiyor."

Phonetically : Att-dan deushmeesh, dagh chueshue braak-meeyor.
Idiomatically : A guy is knocked off his high horse and from one moment to the next finds himself dazed on the dust. However, the changed state of affairs does not stop him from still urging his horse forward with his horse-chant, dagh chuesh! dagh chuesh! dagh chuesh! ......

The saying applies equally to countries as to persons.
Countries : With the end of the cold war a new-world-order came into existence. Evidently, some countries are still struggling to come to terms with the new reference points.
Persons : Referred to a guy who loses authority never-the-less by force of habit he believes that he's still calling the shots.

Letter from Professor Hovhaness Pilikian

Dear Simon,
I have been reading your Readers' Section with growing alarm. I wouldn't dream of interfering in your local politics - I thought your editorial two weeks ago was to the point, clear and firm in visionary terms.
What concerns me is the sudden outbreak of Coprophilia, in otherwise an interesting and serious debate. I am not a prude. There is a two thousand years old rich literary tradition of using obscene language for political elucidation dating back to the great classical Greek comic writer Aristophanes, who was the unsurpassed master of the technique, which demands enormous skills at topical reference. His targets were always the universal concerns of human condition, never the petty personal individual aggression. Foul language on the personal level is always a sure sign of illiterate inarticulacy.
Used with Aristophanesian skill, lavatory humour can demolish human folly and idiocy with a champion Boxer's knock-out blow - I can never forget the placard I read in a BBC television news-report during the last US presidential elections about Kerry Vs Bush - it said - "Same Shit, Different Assholes".
The person who could write this must be someone of sheer political genius! It defines and destroys once and for all the US governments' attempts at world-domination and global pollution. It does not aggress the persons of Bush or Kerry, but the institutionalised corruption of mafia-capitalism they manifest with their genocidal warmongering policies.
What is particularly distressing is your readership's fall into Jerry Springer type tart mannerism - everyone telling everyone to "grow up" while they themselves are in a state of childish immaturity… preceding a sudden burst of their sewage pipes…
I know that the Internet is awash with raw sewage that denigrates the human species. However, there is also the 1% gem of the human spirit, of which your GIBRAHAYER can be part. Without losing your cool or democratic instinct, may I suggest that you fire a warning shot from the … bowels of your ship as it were, to your present and future Readership as a whole telling them to cut the (in their much-vaunted word) "shit" out of their commentaries.
It does not contribute ANYTHING to their debate except displaying infantile Freudian toilet habits out of place in your publication. It is disgusting, not because one is old-fashioned, but because one does not want to watch anyone wiping his or her ass!
Porno is infectious and has a way of getting out of hand, if you won't put a conscious stop to it. I know you do not wish to censor anyone - your admirable editorial policy - but I think you must ask your readers to come out of the toilet before they begin to debate seriously… on matters of national significance!
If for no other reason, I would not like to have been a member of any Armenian traditional political party - Dashnak, Hnchak or Ramgavar, knowing that fellow members could drag their parties down the toilet… Some may argue that perhaps that is where all of them belong… I disagree, and here is me falling into your readers' trap...
Please Simon, pull me out of it! sorts
After defeating Sebastian Grosjean in the third round and Andy Murrey in the fourth, Marcos Baghdatis is up against 2002 Wimbledon Champ Lleyton Hewitt of Australia today for a place in the semis of Wimbledon. If he goes through today (Wednesday) he is expected to face Rafael Nadal on Friday's semi finals.
Fourth seeded 2002 Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian was knocked out by Fernando Verdasco. 7-6 (11-9), 7-6 (11-9), 6-2 in two hours and 47 minutes.

latest on Zaruhi Harutyunyan ,
Dear Simon, Hope you are doing well.
I remember you have recommended writing an article on Zaruhi.
Now that she has climbed the ranked in an impressive way and has proved that she has talent and promising future it is time to celebrate with you the achievements made by Zaruhi. I would like to appreciate your support to this young Armenian athlete.
See link for the article:

Hrach Kalsahakian - Dubai

On Sunday, The Cyprus Mail carried an article on Zaruhi Harutyunyan.
You can get your free copy from Iphighenias Periptero.
gibrahayer calendar
Sunday July 23 - Annual traditional Khanasori Arshavanki donagadaroutiun organised by ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Cyprus Committee, and affiliate organisations. Venue: Last year's picnic site.
Sunday 16-30 July - Hamazkayin Forum - Yerevan - Armenia. All youth who want to participate from Cyprus, please contact Raffi Mahdessian on 99-441588. Visit the Hamazkayin Forum site at:
12 - 30 July - Khalkidiki Summer Camp organised by the Armenian Relief Society of Greece for 12 - 16 year old Armenians. Sosse Chapter of ARS (HOM) Sosse Cyprus announce that 15 Armenian youth from Cyprus are participating and no more applications can be accepted.

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