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06 07 29 - Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told the Iranian administration, “Take the threat ......
INTERNATIONAL 06.28.2006 Wednesday - ISTANBUL 20:43
Gul Warns Tehran Faces Serious Threat
By Salih Boztas, Ankara -
The content of Turkey’s Iranian policy regarding the crisis between Iran and the international community has begun to surface.

During his visit to Iran this weekend, Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul told the Iranian administration, “Take the threat against you very seriously. Study the package offered by the international community to resolve the crisis and advise before June 29 that you pledge to give diplomacy a chance.”

Turkey also warned the international community to stop imposing dates or time tables and not to introduce sanctions over Iran.

The details of Gul’s Iranian visit have recently come to light, and diplomatic sources focus on four main areas, despite declining to comment on the message Abdullah Gul conveyed to Iran.

Turkey’s original message is composed of Ankara’s recommendations to both Iran and countries opposing Iran’s nuclear program.

Ankara’s suggestions included the suggestion that Iran support the partisans of peace and show that the crisis can be solved through diplomacy, and advised that Turkey sees the current process is a test to assess the possibility of solving the crisis by peaceful means in the future.

Ankara warned Iran, take the threat against you seriously, and carry out the necessary studies with the appropriate commissions, focusing on the solution package, as soon as possible.

A Political Directors’ Meeting will be held in Vienna on June 29, let us know before this time that you clearly intend to continue the process.

Tehran was advised to review the balance of powers and make evaluations based on the right aspects of the matter.

At the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) meeting, the Iranian administration issued a notice suggesting ‘Iran’s support to peaceful nuclear programs’.

Turkey said the notice will not prove useful in protecting Iran and reminded that the attitudes of NATO member countries may have serious results.

West warned about imposing deadlines and time tables

Turkey informed the countries presenting the incentive package that imposing a deadline on Iran will not help to solve the problem.

Foreign Minister Gul delivered Turkey’s suggestions to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, German Foreign Minister Frank Steinmeier and European Union Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana.

Diplomatic sources say, “The Iranian people are a proud nation that managed to build an empire. Impositions are of no effect.”

The incentive package to overcome the nuclear crisis prepared by Russia, the US, France, Britain, China - the Security Council’s five permanent members - and Germany, was sent to Iran on June 6.

The package proposes cooperation and some economic incentives in return for Iran halting its uranium enrichment program.

The Iranian administration informed that they will announce their response to the package on August 22.

Muttaki: I came to meet Gul at 3.00 a.m

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdulah Gul held his first meeting in Tehran with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Muttaki.

Muttaki said, “I returned to Tehran after completing my program abroad at around 3.30 a.m. just to meet with you. This shows how much importance Iran attaches to Turkey.”

Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani also held two separate talks with Abdullah Gul during his visit.


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