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Yerevan, June 17. ArmInfo. Dual citizenship one of the most important tasks of both Armenia and Armenians, Vardan Oskanyan, Foreign Minister of Armenia, said at a forum "Dual citizenship: alternative decisions,
economic and social consequences" opening in Yerevan, Saturday.

I am extremely liberal in this issue as I think we must provide dual citizenship in the easiest way to all Armenians who would like to get naturalized in Armenia. I understand all the nuances and difficulties of the issue which we must give answers to, but the starting point for making a final decision on the issue must be a board vision of the issue," the minister said. He said his position is not conditioned by the fact that he had to refuse from the citizenship of a foreign country to get naturalized in Armenia. He said he believes in the potential of the Armenian people, in the future of Armenia, and he is well aware of the situation and of mutual expectations of the Armenian people inside and outside the country.

The minister believes that when considering the issue, several circumstances must be taken into account: the "forced" separation of the Armenian people (Armenia and Diaspora), the idea of newly formed
state-nation, the fact that Armenia has passed a great way as regards the provision of rights to Diaspora. Vardan Oskanyan said the status of a ten-year-long residence is equal to the status of citizenship, with
the exception of army service and the right of vote and election. "That is why, I am surprised at such questions as what will be the impact of dual citizenship on economy, on the property prices in the country.
We have already given this right to our compatriots and that was right.
We can see its positive results already now. So, the greatest part of the way has been passed, we just need to settle the army problem and the right of vote and election in accordance with the law," Vardan Oskanyan
said. And the last issue is regulated by the Constitution, the minister added. Mentioning the small number of Armenians and the current challenges in the region, the minister stressed the necessity of using
the chance to increase the number of Armenian people. Getting naturalized in Armenia, a person will not need to return to Armenia. "I think our solidarity with the Diaspora is our power." The minister shared his concern over the fact that removing the ban on dual citizenship from the Constitution, but adopting a law hampering provision of dual citizenship, Armenia will disappoint the Diaspora. "If the whole our people resolved to change the Constitution, we ought to make the process of getting dual citizenship maximum easy," Vardan Oskanyan said.


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