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06 06 23- ANKARA MUST COMPLYBy Andreas Hadjipapas
- Turkey's EU course should continue under the strict precondition that Ankara will implement the obligations the European Union has set, President Tassos Papadopoulos said yesterday.''Our policy and our aim is that Turkey's EU course should continue under the strict precondition that Ankara will implement the prerequisites and obligations the EU has set,” President Papadopoulos said ... more at U.S. WILL NEVER RECOGNISE NORTHERN CYPRUSPanARMENIAN.Net - 13.06.2006 - Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried said Turkey should open its sea ports and airports to Cyprus if it hopes to become a member of the European Union. He also said that the U.S. will never recognise the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and only aims to reunite the island. At a conference held by the Greek Cypriots, Fried said, "Turkey should open its ports to Cyprus ships and airplanes and fulfil its responsibility of expanding the Customs Union agreement in a way to include the Republic of Cyprus." Fried stated that the United States will continue helping the both parts reach a solution with the help of the United Nations and two-party talks. But he added: "We do not recognise and will not RECOGNISE any government other than the Republic of Cyprus on the Cyprus Island. We are quite open about this issue. None of our policies are aimed at recognising another political existence; the United States does not even imply this. Cyprus is a single country. We have a single embassy there and it will remain so," reported the Anatolian news agency. UNRECOGNISED REPUBLIC OF "TRNC" SUPPORTS BAKU IN KARABAKH ISSUEPanARMENIAN.Net - 19.06.2006 - The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) "will always support Azerbaijan's fair position on Nagorno Karabakh," TRNC Minister of Economy & Tourism Dervish Kemal Deniz stated in Baku June 19 during the 33rd session of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Conference. "The leadership and people of Azerbaijan have always supported us in our fair struggle," he underscored. LUXEMBOURG PM PROPOSES FREEZING EU TALKS WITH TURKEYParis (Reuters)--The European Union should freeze membership talks with Turkey if Ankara does not open its ports and airports to traffic from Cyprus this year, said Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker Thursday. It was the clearest signal so far that some leaders will seek a complete halt to the negotiations if Turkey does not fulfil its obligation to extend its EU customs union to all new member states, including Cyprus, which it does not RECOGNISE. Juncker was asked by the French daily La Croix whether the EU had shownweakness by agreeing to conclude the first detailed accession negotiations on science and research this week without a move by Turkey on Cyprus. "No. European ministers firmly reiterated to the Turks that this condition should be applied in 2006," he said. "If Turkey were not to implement this condition this year, my view is that the negotiations will have [to] be postponed." Turkey has said it would open air and sea access to Cypriot planes and ships if the EU made good on a promise to end the economic isolation of Turkish Cypriot northern Cyprus. The EU has rejected any linkage between Ankara's treaty obligation and its own political pledge, which Nicosia has so far impeded. Officially, the EU has not threatened a complete suspension of talks if, as expected, Turkey does not meet the condition. Foreign Ministers said this week "Failure to implement its obligations in full will affect the overall progress in the negotiations" without specifying how. The executive European Commission is due to review Turkey's performance in a report in late October or early November and Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn has warned of a potential "train crash." Juncker, a veteran center-right politician close to Germany's governing Christian Democrats, suggested the EU would have to reconsider further expansion in the light of the defeat of the EU constitution in France and the Netherlands. "Anyhow, Croatia aside, I think that it will probably not be possible to continue the enlargement process without limits and precautions if we do not manage to restore order to European institutions," he told La Croix. "A large-scale enlargement does not seem feasible to me on the sole basis of the current treaties." TURKISH PRESS SAYS TURKEY IS CYPRUS'S "TOY" IN EU TALKSANKARA (AFP)--Turkey has turned into a "toy" for Cyprus as it strives for European Union membership, the Turkish press has said one day after the stormy start of Ankara's detailed entry talks with the EU. "A rough start," wrote the left-leaning Cumhuriyet, referring to the talks, whose beginning was delayed by objections from the internationally recognised Greek Cypriot Government. Cyprus wanted Turkey to RECOGNISE it as a state and open its ports to Cypriot ships and planes--EU demands Ankara has yet to meet--before the talks begin. The EU's Austrian Presidency clinched a last-minute deal at a ForeignMinisters' meeting in Luxembourg, narrowly avoiding a new crisis for the bloc. Several commentators harshly criticised both Cyprus for its stance and Turkey for putting up with it. "Turkey has turned into a toy for a country of a few hundred thousand people," said a commentator Tuesday in the mass-circulation Hurriyet, calling on Ankara to end the "mascarade." Many newspapers stressed that Turkey would continue to face veto threats fromthe Cypriot Government as the EU votes on the opening and closing of each of the 35 detailed policy chapters to be negotiated, plus a final vote when all the chapters are completed. "At least 69 more crises to go with Europe," headlined the liberal Radikal. "Cyprus will continue to be capricious on the political front until the last minute... [inflicting] Chinese torture" on Ankara, a commentator in Milliyet, another liberal daily, wrote, calling for action from Brussels. "The EU should either stop the Cypriot administration from acting capriciously whenever and wherever it wants, or should change its rule for a unanimous vote in order to get work done," he said.
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Iconographer Rev. Hovsep Ashkarian's Exhibition on Sunday
GIBRAHAYER e-magazineThe opening of an Exhibition of Icons took place on Sunday 18 June at the "Utudjian" Hall of the Armenian Prelacy, of Iconographer Rev. Hovsep Ashkarian, dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the Armenian Cathedral of Sourp Asdvadzadzin in Nicosia. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Rev. Archimandrite Isaias Kykkotis. The exhibition will remain open until Friday, 24th June 2006. You can visit it daily between 09:00-13:00 and 20:00-22:00.Images from events of last week at:
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from the pages of seems the AGBU was not best pleased about Dr Atamyan losing the local election. Stories are circulating that AGBU apparatchiks are going round threatening those people who had the temerity to vote against "their" candidate.Some people whose jobs were in the "gift" of the establishment are now being threatened "after all we got you this job" seems to be the line they are using.Are we back in the age of patronage?.Is this how the AGBU chooses whom to give jobs to? Let us hope our new representative Mr Mahdessian is above such petty politics.Much rests on his shoulders.We wish him well.From the News and Forum Section of
· Marcos Baghdatis was defeated 7-6, 6-3 by Andrei Pavel of Romania ranked 84 in round one of the Halle Open. · Zaruhi Harutyunyan will be trying her luck on grass. Today she will be attempting to qualify for Roehanpton which is a category A ITF tournament in the U.K.
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· Wednesday June 21, at 5:45 pm - Amaverchi Hantes of Nareg Elementary School. · Wednesday June 21, at 9:45 pm - World Cup Fever. Join us at Pizza Hut Down-Town (Makariou Street). All You Can Eat & All You Can Drink (Soft Drinks & Beer) For Only 6 Pounds!! Watch HOLLAND Vs ARGENTINA Live. Plus: Surprise Gift For One Lucky Winner · Friday 23 June at 8:30 pm - SKOOLZ OUT YOUTH PARTY at AYMA Basement Hall. Ages: 14 - 18 Entrance:£2.50-Free Drinks. Prepare to dance till you drop ! · Tuesday 27 June, 2006, at 7:00 pm - The Nareg Parent's Association invites parents to a meeting that will take place at Nareg Hall to discuss issues related to our school. · Wednesday 28 June, at 7:00 pm - Opening of the newly constructed second floor of the Kalaydjian Rest Home by H.E. The President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos. Open cocktail reception to follow. · Sunday 16-30 July - Hamazkayin Forum - Yerevan - Armenia. All youth who want to participate from Cyprus, please contact Raffi Mahdessian on 99-441588. Visit the Hamazkayin Forum site at: · 12 - 30 July - Khalkidiki Summer Camp organised by the Armenian Relief Society of Greece. All 10 - 16 year old Armenian Cypriot youth interested to participate please contact the Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Sosse Cyprus Chapter committee members.
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