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ANKARA AGAIN SEEKS TO MISLEAD EUROPE ABOUT ITS ANTAGONISTIC POLICYTOWARD ARMENIAReports, based on sources in the Turkish government, are beingcirculated by the Turkish media allege that "secret talks" are takingplace between Armenia and Turkey aimed at normalizing relations betweenthese two countries. Sources close to the Turkish government quoted thegovernment's spokesperson, Namik Tan, as saying that Turkey intends tocontinue to make efforts to normalize relations with Armenia.The European Armenian Federation recalls that, each year, on the eve ofthe European Union's annual assessment of Turkey's candidacy, Ankararevives its efforts to misinform and disorient European public opinionabout its true intentions and policies toward Armenia."We have no doubt that meetings between emissaries of both countries mayoccur but there is a clear evidence that, as in the past, actualprogress will not be possible until Turkey undertakes a fundamentalrealignment of its policies toward Armenia," said Hilda Tchoboian,Chairperson of the European Armenian Federation.The Federation notes that Turkey continues to strangle Armenia throughblockade and a broader strategy aimed at isolating Armeniainternationally, and that it persists in escalating its politicalcampaign to deny the Armenian Genocide."Along the same lines as the notorious Erdogan proposal to establish a'historians committee,' this new effort does little to conceal Turkey'sbelligerent attitude toward Armenia or its desire to treat Armenia as ahostage country," continued Tchoboian.The European Armenian Federation urges the European authorities tocondemn Turkey's efforts to mislead and confuse the European family ofnations regarding its true posture toward Armenia."If Turkey truly wants to become a European nation, it needs to take thesteps that the world expects of it - including acknowledging its stateresponsibility for the Armenian Genocide and lifting its blockade ofArmenia," concluded Tchoboian.

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