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050214 Visit to Ankara Anadolu agency
Visit to Ankara Anadolu agency

ANKARA - Youth Party of Armenia leader Sargis Asatryan, and Arsen Ghazaryan, President of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, met Ankara Trade Chamber (ATO) Chairman Sinan Aygun on Wednesday.

When Aygun asked Asatryan whether he accepted so-called Armenians genocide in 1915, Asatryan said that, ''Turkey did not have any connection with Ottomans. Many things were experienced and passed. 1,5 million people were killed, they say. Years have passed. These are incidents which happened in sultanate and war period. Now, Turkey is a democratic country and we have forgotten these incidents.''

Asatryan said, ''we do not want anybody to intervene in development of Turkey-Armenia relations. Third countries like the United States, France, Azerbaijan, Uruguay and China should not intervene in relations between Turkey and Armenia.''

Meanwhile, Aygun said, ''Turkey's accession to the EU will be beneficial for Armenia.''

''We are uneasy about the statements of Armenian President Robert Kocharian regarding Turkey-EU process. This does not bring any benefit to Armenia. Turkey's accession to the EU will be beneficial for Armenia. Problems between Armenia and a Turkey which joined the EU will be solved easier. Armenia should support Turkey in its EU process,'' said Aygun.

Noting that Armenian diaspora does not serve interests of Armenia, Aygun said the genocide claims have become a tool for political gains in France and United States. Aygun said, ''Turkey does not have any problems with Armenian people. Armenia has to stop Armenian diaspora.''

Recalling that Karabakh is still under occupation of Armenia, Aygun wanted this occupation to end.

Aygun also said that Turkey does not accept Armenian genocide allegations. ''If we stuck into past incidents, we cannot reach anywhere,' he added.

Aygun said, ''a migration movement happened in 1915. Greek soldiers killed many Turks in 1919. This was a war and it ended. There are also Turkish citizens who were killed by Armenians during the war. It is an unjust attitude to claim Turks committed Armenian genocide. Turning incidents of the past into a blood feud will bring no benefit, but only disturb people. We shall make trade. Turkey opened its air space to Armenia. We did not blockade Armenians.''

Asatryan said, ''Turkey and Armenia should join the EU together.''

''There are Turkish citizens who make trade with Armenia. We want political relations to recover,'' he added.

Asatryan said, ''we want to establish sincere relations with Turkey. We will become strong together with Turkey.''

Asatryan invited Aygun to Armenia, and Aygun said that he can visit Armenia in April or May.


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