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06 05 21 - Giragos Kuyumjian calls for reforms starting from Kuwait
Giragos Kuyumjian is one of the prominent members of the Kuwaiti Armenian community. He has been active in the last two decades, not only in the Armenian community, but also in the Arab press, where he has signed dozens of significant articles mostly on Armenian subjects (history, politics, literature, etc.).

During the latest visit of His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia, to Kuwait (November 2005), Kuyumjian wished to inform the Catholicos on the present situation of the Armenian community in Kuwait and the difficulties the members are facing, especially in the administrative domain. He prepared a letter in Armenian language and handed it over to His Holiness during the above visit.
Although generally speaking the visit of Catholicos Aram I to Kuwait was considered - in terms of contacts with the Kuwaiti officials and the presentation of the Armenian subjects to the journalists - a successful one, nevertheless this success did not have any impact in resolving inner problems of Kuwaiti Armenians, some deeply rooted in the existing structure.

Kuyumjian notices that the public figures in the Kuwaiti Armenian community are forming groups of influence, pursuing their own benefits, thus wasting the time of the other members and burdening the meetings with trivial issues.

He believes that this and other negative aspects in the community could be corrected only with the direct intervention of Catholicos Aram.

Kuyumjian refers to the malpractice of assigning people with no qualification to important positions in the community. He says that efficient individuals are being excluded from the public life and the stage is occupied with those who have moderate capabilities. As a result, community life quality is deteriorating. Same persons are being “elected” to the same or similar positions, thus projecting the impression that there are no new talents.
Read the message addressed to Catholicos Aram (in English and Armenian) ...

• Pateil Tuysuzian: A piece from heaven
The fast and lively melody of the "Hungarian Dances" by the 19th century composer Johannes Brahms drifts out from the Auditorium at Al Owais Cultural Foundation in Deira, Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Inside 16 years old
Pateil Tuysuzian stands on the stage masterfully performing the Hungarian tune on her violin. She is young, talented, ambitious and above all enjoys to play her beloved instrument alongside musicians from thousand of miles away.
Pateil is member of the "Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra", grade five violinists, one of the keen players, and hopes someday will become a professional musician.

“I love playing the violin” says the American School of Dubai pupil.

“I have been playing since I was 4 years old. I saw people learning how to play the instrument and I knew I wanted to become a violinist.”

Pateil moved to the United Arab Emirates with her parents from Washington, United States eight years ago. Her parents are originally from Lebanon. She joined the orchestra at the end of 2001.
Find out more about Pateil and her participation in the Martyr's Day commemoration ...


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