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06 05 14 - Armenians and Greek Cypriots Lobby Against Sale of Missiles
HOT NEWS 05.14.2006 Sunday - ISTANBUL 20:52
By Cihan News Agency
Published: Sunday, May 14, 2006
Armenian and Greek Cypriot lobbies in Washington have launched a joint campaign against the selling of 50 SLAM-ER smart missiles to Turkey, NTV channel said.

Four MPs including Michael Bilirakis, Carolyn Maloney, Frank Pallone and George Radanovich sent a letter to the US Congress, asking senior officials to revise the selling of the missiles to Turkey. They claimed that the selling of missiles would allow Turkey to threaten Armenia and would break the arm balance in Cyprus.

The US Department of Defense has been seeking permission from the US Congress to sell 50 SLAM-ER smart missiles to Turkey.

The SLAM-ER air-to-ground missiles will be attached to Turkey's F-16 warplanes.

The statement from the US Department of Defense said in late April that the $162 million purchase offer from Turkey had been accepted. The Boeing Company will produce the missiles and the payment will be meet through military sale credits to Turkey.

The sale will be finalized within upcoming day if Congress does not raise any objections. It is expected that Congress will ratify the sale.

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