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06 04 11 - Miss. Irachena , TAMAR GREGIAN
Complete ABC story at The 60th annual Miss Iraq Pageant was held in Baghdad last week, an event that was much shunned during the last decades. After a two-hour ceremony under tight security, Tamar Goregian, 23, the first Armenian Iraqi to win the pageant, officially became the "Iraqi Queen of Beauty."

"We will train the new winner and get her prepared for the Miss Universe Pageant, with etiquette lessons, media communication skills, and PR skills," the U.S. organiser said.

Goregian can't wait for the challenge.

"Miss Universe would be a great experience for me. It would broaden my horizon and if I get a chance to compete, I may encourage girls to share this experience and encourage them to enter the [next] beauty pageant."

She also hoped that events like these would help put an end to the violence Iraq has been witnessing in the last three years.

"Maybe beauty is the final step to end violence and preach world peace after all," she said. "The power of beauty surpasses the ugly face of politics and greed."

The young woman added that one day she wanted to own her own business and maybe even become a politician.


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