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Wednesday 22 March - Montreal - Alice Panikian of Toronto was anointed Miss Universe Canada 2006, defeating 48 other hopefuls Tuesday night at the Casino de Montreal. The 20-year-old York University student takes over the tiara from Natalie Glebova, who went on to win the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand last year.
"It's surreal. I think I'm dreaming," Panikian said, checking her pulse. "No, no, I'm not."
The judges rated the young women on poise, confidence, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty as they modelled in swimsuits and evening gowns and made impromptu speeches.
Glebova said Panikian, who also took the Miss Photogenic prize, will give Canada a strong candidate for the Miss Universe crown for a second year in a row.
"She's gorgeous. Absolutely stunning," the past queen said.
Three Quebecers were among the 10 finalists, but none made the Top 5.
This disappointed runner-up Claudia Cote, who had received the loudest applause from the audience.
"Quebec women are known for their warmth and beauty,'' Cote lamented. "It would have been nice to see one of our girls in the final round."
The title of Miss Universe Canada allows the winne r to travel the world in defence of a favourite cause. For Panikian, it will be HIV and AIDS prevention in Africa.
"(AIDS) is very preventable. With education we can save a lot of lives," she said.

About Alice: Alice Panikian was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to Canada when she was five years old. She is in her second year at York University majoring in English and Communications. She loves to read and write and hopes to become a broadcast journalist. Alice is also a model and has travelled to Paris, Milan and New York; she loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures. If Alice became Miss Universe Canada she w ould use it as an opportunity to speak out on issues such as HIV/AIDS, gun violence, bullying, and other problems facing our society today.
Interests: Alice likes to stay active and takes pleasure in yoga and volleyball. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves to laugh as well as to make others laugh. Alice also loves fashion and has a strong personal style. She spends time volunteering for different non-profit organisations.

March 22 2006 - JOHN EVANS IS THE U.S. ambassador to Armenia, as of this writing. But he probably won't be for long. Evans, a career diplomat who was selected to receive an American Foreign Service Assn. award last year for his frank public speaking, irked his superiors at the State Department by uttering the following words at UC Berkeley in February 2005: "I will today call it the Armenian genocide." For that bit of truth-telling, Evans was forced to issue a clarification, then a correction, then to endure having his award rescinded under pressure from his bosses, and finally to face losing his job altogether.
The complete article can be viewed at: 2,0,7968175.story?coll=la-util-opinion-commentary
ANKARA (Combined Sources)--Nevruz spring holiday celebrations turned into altercations between police and thousands of Kurds Sunday in several Turkish cities.
The clashes erupted in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district as more than 50,000 Kurds carried signs and chanted slogans supporting imprisoned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan.
Several armoured personnel carriers were deployed around the meeting area anticipating further violence. The Anatolia news agency reported that 4,500 policemen, 500 gendarmerie and 1,000 soldiers were there ensure security for Sunday's festivities in
Istanbul. A crisis centre was set up at provincial police headquarters to follow any possible clashes closely.
In the Aegean port of Izmir, police used tear gas to break up a demonstration by an estimated 10,000 Kurds. Nevruz celebrations started in Semdinli, Hakkari on Saturday with a bonfire that symbolises the arrival of spring.
In Hakkari, located on the Iranian border, Democratic Turkey Party (DTP) co-chair Ahmet Turk told a rally attended by thousands that Ankara should open up a dialogue with the PKK to agree on a peace deal. Turk said that the country's problems cannot be solved through military means but through reason and brotherhood. Asking for a general amnesty for all political prisoners convicted on charges of being affiliated to the PKK, Turk said that Turkey cannot become a member of the civilised world by denying the identity of some communities.
In Sanliurfa, 15,000 people attended the celebrations featuring prominent members of the PKK and Ocalan's brother, Mehmet Ocalan. Violence erupted when police tried to stop around 200 Kurds from marching toward the DTP headquarters. At least 27 people were arrest ed by the police who also beat several protesters.
Nevruz, which means "new day" in Kurdish, has long served as a rallying cry for Kurdish nationalism and public celebrations were illegal in Turkey until 2000, when fighting between security forces and separatist guerrillas fell sharply. But there has been an upturn in violence in the impoverished region since the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) ended a unilateral ceasefire in 2004.
Turkish authorities barred civil servants from taking part in this year's Nevruz celebrations amid fears of increased separatist violence. Hidir Kahveci, deputy governor of Diyarbakir, the biggest city in the southeast, said civil servants ignoring the order would face disciplinary action.
Nevruz is not a public holiday in Turkey and civil servants are expected to work.
tatiana's corner by Tatiana Ferahian

news in brief
As of March 23, Lake Sevan level made 1898.15 m, which is more by 39 cm compared with the same day of 2005 and by 3 cm compared with the index of the same day of the previous month.
An Armenian serviceman who has been in Azerbaijani captivity [since 3 March] was handed over back to Armenia with the meditation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Eight new HIV cases have been registered in Armenia since the beginning of the year, the Caucasus Memo reports. According to the data provided by the Republican Centre for HIV/AIDS Prevention for the period 1998 - March 1st 2006, there are 390 HIV cases in Armenia. The number of the newly infected people in the country in 2005 is 78, and 75 of them are Armenians.
Turkey's top Washington, DC lobbyist, former Louisiana Congressman Bob Livingston, in perhaps his most strident attack to date, has accused Armenian Americans of seeking to impose a "tyranny of the minority" by urging the Congress to adopt human rights legislation concerning the Armenian Genocide, according to documents obtained this week by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).
Victor Dallakyan "Justice" grouping secretary said he was offended for not being included in a recent poll to decide for the sexiest Armenian male politician, organised by Armenian women correspondents that included Vano Siardeghyan, Robert Kocharyan, Aram Sargsyan, David Shahnazaryan and Vahan Hovhannesyan.

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This is the best Bush impression I've ever seen.
This guy appeared at the roast of Jeff Foxworthy. He's hilarious.
The performer's name is Steve Bridges.
Torkom Karamanoukian

Letter from William Patey Avakian to Prime Minister Bair

Mr T Blair
10 Downing Street - London - SW1A 2AA

23 March 2006,
Mr Blair,
You speak about Human Rights with such compassion, I believe it is time you stopped being a hypocrite, especially now that you are coming to the end of your political career in this country.
You talk about Human Rights as though you care. Please read this countries history regarding the Armenian Genocide in the late 1800,s and early 1900,s when 1.5 million Armenians were massacred. Read the documents sent back by British diplomats of that era and you will see that there was a Genocide, unless these diplomats and documents are lies.
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Dear Armenian Friends:
On the eve of a new anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Turkey, we are launching a worldwide campaign in support of our beloved
Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.
The collected support signatures will be saved on CDs that will be delivered to the governments of Armenia and all other nations through their embassies. A copy will be sent to the UN as well.
Armenia Forever! was set up by IAN (, the website of Spanish-speaking Armenians from Latin America as well as Spain. IAN has been developed by all Armenian institutions in Argentina.
We especially invite you to:
1) Express your very valuable support through Armenia Forever!
2) Forward our link to your members or contacts. We need the largest number of people showing the world our will to
support Armenia and Karabagh.
3) Download an Armenia Forever! Banner and include it in your websites. Please click on to download the Banner.
Contact information: To contact us please write us at
We look forward to receiving your decisive support,
Best Regards,
Aram Barceghian - Coordinator Coordinator Buenos Aires – Argentina
Sireli Simon Aynedjian,
Grgin yes HaYaSeR
anbayman gi hishek jamanagin uhargatz ei gibrahay tertin 4 etcheri yev chem hiser te hedo uhargatzi gam votch 5 yev 6 etcheri 5 yev 6 etcheru hamar
Mahtelov arohcuyun u hacohutyun

Dear Simon,
Could you publish this in Gibrahayer?
The Lebanese-Armenian & International Folkloric Group LORI is selling all its costumes which includes Armenian, Lebanese, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian (etc.) dance costumes and accessories. Those interested could contact Mrs. Yacoubian at, tel. 01-563857, mobile 03/647302.

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How can we support Andre and Armenia's bid in her first attempt at the Eurovision song contest?
Feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of the readers.

View the video clip by Andre "Without your love" online at
It is destined to be a hit at this year's Eurovision song contest.
Perhaps diasporan Armenians could assist Armenia's bid by getting creative.

recommended site
This is an amazing site with a wonderful selection of Armenian and non-Armenian music

AN angry Alexsan Karapetyan crushed his opposition to win Australia weight-lifting gold in the men's 94kg class yesterday. Karapetyan was in a class of his own as he lifted a total of 350kg to defend the Commonwealth Games title he won at Manchester four years ago.
Armenian boxer Gabriel Tolmajyan won silver at the international tournament after famous Polish trainer Felix Shtamm while Samvel Matevosyan from Vanadzor received bronze medal.
Error - 12 year old Mano Kouyoumdjian - who took part in the Giant Slalom of the 12-15 category that took Pancyprian Games took place in Seli - Greece from 11 - 12 March 2006 finished second and not third as stated in the previous issue.

armenian music by Arek Dakessian in Beirut
ROUBEN ELBAKIAN... a rising star
Even when France is going to celebrate 2006 as Armenian year in France, we can admire in our country one of the best armenian voices : Rouben Elbakian.
Just like 2004 at the Senate, as well as at the Alfred Kosteau Hall in November 2005, Rouben Elbakian accompanied on the piano by Grigor Abrahamian surprised his audience.
In the presence of the ambassador of the Republic of Armenia and other famous French and armenian personalities, the artist revived arias of Verdi, Donizetti, Saint Santi and payed a tribute to the great Armenian composer Komitas. Then he finished the concert with Napolitans Songs. The performance was great, beautiful, ge nerous and charming.
Distinguished by his talent, Rouben Elbakian delighted the public with his vocal qualities and with his ability to present his art. His wonderful stage air gave the performance a theatrical effect. After the last concert, the audience left the hall with great admiration. His unexplainable talent explored itself everywhere and evidently.
Rouben Elbakian's "Komitas" collection, which is recorded by the support of Armenian Genocide Museum, was selected as "Heart choice" by the famous musical store "FNAC" on Champs-Elysees avenue. The CD is even available on the web (
To the question what is the mission of these songs, the artist answered: "Komitas wrote : "In order to go forward, we must be known by foreigners". I wish this collection helps to recognise the songs of the great composer.''

latest on Zaruhi Harutyunyan
Gibrahayer Monday 20 March, 2006 - Armenia's tennis start Zaruhi Harutyunyan currently practising in Cyprus is leaving for the UK on Wednesday 29 March, 2006, to participate in ITF tournaments in Sutton and Nottingham.
LATEST NEWS: We have just received a generous contribution of 500.00 from candidate for the post of the Armenian representative in the Cyprus Parliament Vartkes Mahdessian, that will cover her expenses for her London to Paris trip.
She is expected at the Patrick Mouratoglu Tennis Academy in Paris, where Cypriot super star Marcos Baghdatis trained in the last six years.
Representatives of the Academy - who were in Cyprus last week - met the representative of Zaruhi Harutyunyan and expressed the interest to meet h er in person.
Laiki Bank Strovolos Industrial Area, Stavrou 96 I, 2034, Strovolos
Account Number 101-08-037631 for Zaruhi Harutyunyan under guardian Simon Aynedjian
International transfers at IBAN CY30 0030 0101 0000 0101 0803 7631
Swift Code address LIKICY2N

gibrahayer calendar
31 March 2006 at 7.30-9.30 p.m. Utudjian Hall in Nicosia - FREE YOUTH WORKSHOP KENTHEA - Information centre for Drugs and Narcotics, Will present a free workshop in English on "Adolescent Prevention In Drug Use" All Teenagers aged 13-18 are invited to attend. Bring your friends.
Monday April 3, 2006 - Opus 39 Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Tatiana Ferahian, on at 8:00 p.m. Opening by Garo Keheyan, President of the Pharos Trust.
Saturday April 15, 2006 - Easter Dinner organised by the Armenian community in Limassol. Contact LHEM committee members well in advance to secure your tickets. Details to follow.

Panda Software's TruPreventTM Technologies win the "CeBIT Highlights" award for best software - This award from CHIP Magazine in the Software category, recognises the most innovative technological solutions. Panda Software's TruPreventTM Technologies have won the "CeBIT Highlights 2006" award for best software, at the world's largest IT fair, CeBIT. TruPreventTM intrusion prevention system won the award, against competition from nominees such as Microsoft and H264, thanks to its proven effectiveness against unknown malware. These "CeBIT Highlights" awards, which have been running for the last 14 years, are organised b y the prestigious German magazine, CHIP, and recognise the most innovative solutions in six categories: Hardware, Software, Communication, Digital Photography, Entertainment and Innovation. Thomas Pyczak, editor-in-chief of CHIP, presented the award to Jan Lindner, General Manager of Panda Software Germany. For more information and evaluation versions of all Panda Software solutions, visit our website at:
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