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06 03 29- Campagna per il Genocidio : "Light the Night".
Press Release March 29, 2006

The organisations Armenica and ArmeniaDiaspora would hereby like to inform you about their world wide campaign of "Light the Night". The content of the
campaign is stated below and further information can be viewed at

On the eve of April 24th, we encourage all to "Light the Night" by lighting a candle through the night of the 23rd and into the morning of the 24th, in
remembrance of the 1.5 million souls that fell victim to the annihilation machine of the Ottoman Empire. Each lit candle placed on the window sill will
represent a soul lost throughout the years of 1915 and 1923. Together, let's "Light the Night"; let's vow to remember, to never forget, and to pursue
justice and peace for all humanity.

The "Light the Night" campaign started last year in connection to the 90th remembrance day of the Armenian Genocide and we wish to continue this campaign hoping that it will be a permanent tradition. Last year the campaign received
wide TV and radio coverage in Armenia and this year Printinfo has volunteered to contribute to the campaign by printing flyers free of charge for
distribution within Armenia. We hope that you aslo could join us in this tradition.

For campaign flyer, banner, and other information, please visit and help us spreading this information
to as many as possible. You could also forward this email to proper recipients.
This information is also available at

With best regards,

Armenica Editorial Staff


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