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050202 Armenian Genocide by the "back-door"

UK government recognises the Armenian Genocide UK government recognises the Armenian Genocide by the "back-door"

For the first time ever, an UK government web-site has referred to the "Armenian Genocide" and "Armenian Holocaust"

This was in the official Holocaust Memorial Day web-site, with reference to the Commemmoration in Cardiff, Wales of the Commemmoration of the Armenian and Jewish Holocausts at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff on 26th January. Taking part was the First Minister if the National Assembly of Wales, Rhodri Morgan.

This might be the way of testing the water by the British government, who are fearful of debating the matter in full view of the media, but are hoping for a gradual softening by the Turks on the issue. It seems that they are happily allowing Wales to take the moral lead, seeing what the Turkish response will be.

During the meeting,Jenny Randerson, a senior figure in the Welsh Liberal Democrats and a former minister in the Assembly government conveyed that she was astonished at the sustained pressure to which she was subjected since speaking out on the Genocide issue in 2001.We are proud that she has not wavered once in her support.

We can assume that those in the pay of Turkish authorities are putting similar pressure on our prime minister Rhodri Morgan. We call on Armenians world-wide to send messages of support for the Recognition of the Genocide by the National Assembly for Wales to and to counter this menace.

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