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06 03 18- Peace, Hope and LoveBy Aslihan Aydin, Ankara
on the same Turkish government Culture/ Tourism site see the History/Armenian Allegation…
NATIONAL0 3.18.2006 Saturday - ISTANBUL 01:12

Newroz: Peace, Hope and Love
By Aslihan Aydin, Ankara
Published: Friday, March 17, 2006
Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry added a new entry to its official web site where children can get a better understanding of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year.
This informative posting offers children online "Coloring Books," as well as a "Picture Book; Newroz".
The ministry hopes that the picture book will communicate the message of Newroz, and that is that it is a sign of abundance, love, hope, and peace.
Decorated with color animations, the "Culture – Child" page offers children a variety games and songs composed with pieces from shadow puppetry plays, stories, tales, operas, and folk dance.


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