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06 03 15 - GIBRAHAYER e-magazine
By AIDA SULTANOVA, Associated Press Writer Tue Mar 7, 2006 - Azerbaijani and Armenian forces exchanged heavy gunfire and mortars at several points along their border in the most serious fighting in months.
Azerbaijan said one of its soldiers was killed and one seriously wounded in the fighting late Monday and early Tuesday. Armenian forces said several of their troops were wounded.
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GIBRAHAYER e-magazine Amid cease fire violations by Azerbaijan, Vice Minister of Defense General Artur Aghabegian said that the Armenian Armed Forces are prepared to suppress Azeri attacks.
He added that at this point there is no serious need to talk about the danger of war, but every single soldier knows that Armenia is ready to resist both local skirmishes and if need be, full scale military operations.
Aghabegian said that both Armenia and Azerbaijan know that any unforeseen movement along the front line could lead to casualties. He said that Azeri forces may be firing on Armenian positions to disrupt the restructuring of trenches.
According to him, such incidents have occasionally occurred since the 1994 cease fire. The Armenian military reported more frequent cease fire violations in recent days. The defense ministry said Azeri forces on Wednesday continued to open fire on the westernmost sections of the border in the Ijevan and Shorzha regions.
On Thursday, Azeri troops shelled Armenian military units in the northeastern Tavush province and in Vayots Dzor on the border with Azerbaijan's enclave Nakhichevan.
tatiana's solo exhibition

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine'FREEPLAY' at Opus 39 Gallery

Opus 39 Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Tatiana Ferahian, on Monday April 3, 2006, at 8:00 p.m. Opening by Garo Keheyan, President of the Pharos Trust.

The subject matter of Ferahian’s artworks evolves from the interesting and often conflicting visual panoramas of her immediate surroundings, and being a parent of two, toys and games abound. Her work unfolds outward but at the same time probes deeper to explore the cluttered reality of local, socially imposed prototypes and boundaries – manifestations of forces and counter-forces within the Cypriot society and their psyche where the dynamics of power appear in a range of social situations and conflicting architectural elements – compelling people into a state of psychological tension. Through her work she demonstrates that just as surfaces and boundaries define space, they are also psychologically and socially defined and controlled, emphasized by giving particular attention to materials that evoke a mood of associations, sense of aesthetics, tangible flexibility, and distinct humorous mischief.

Duration 3-17 April. Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 12.30 & 17.00 - 20.00.

21 Kimonos Str., 20006 Strovolos, Nicosia. Tel: 22424983

Tatiana (Tavoukjian) Ferahian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She graduated from Melkonian Educational Institute in 1989, completed her studies in Graphic Design at Frederick Institute of Technology (Cyprus) in 1991, and of Fine Arts with the Empire State College (SUNY) in 1993. She worked under the Artist Helene Black for a five-year period and was admitted as a candidate for the degree of Master of Liberal Studies at University of Denver, in 2005. Ferahian, who lives with her family in Limassol, Cyprus, currently works as a professional graphic designer, and as a cartoonist for the Armenian weekly e-magazine Gibrahayer. Her artworks have been exhibited solo and in several group shows, both nationally and internationally. Ferahian was selected to represent Cyprus at the Olympics of Visual Arts (Artiade) in Athens in 2004, and at the 2nd Beijing Painting Biennale, in 2005.

news in brief

The United States will formalize later this month the release of $235.5 million in additional economic assistance to Armenia over the next five years under President George W. Bush's Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) program. Armenia's MCA compact, already agreed on by the two governments, will be signed in Washington on March 27.
Istanbul University will hold a conference from March 15-17 about the Armenian "relocation." The goal of the conference is to discuss the events of 1915, evaluate the reasons they happened, and their consequences all without using the word genocide. The conference will feature speakers of various viewpoints, including Halil Berktay, a historian who contradicts the official Turkish government position.
Armenia does not want war, however it is ready for it, Armenian Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan said in the course of a meeting with Russian journalists. In his words, a well-armed and combat worthy Armed Force is the best deterrent of resumption of hostilities in the region.
Dan Fried, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, will visit Azerbaijan and Armenia next week to discuss the results of internationally sponsored peace talks on Karabagh. Fried will be accompanied by Steven Mann, Washington's top Karabagh negotiator.
The German government has prohibited a planned March 18th demonstration in Berlin by Turkish organisations that deny the Armenian Genocide. The prohibition, announced on March 13th, is based on Article 189 of the German penal code, which prohibits offensive acts against the deceased.

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I am glad than something is being done about hacking of Armenian sites. my site "" was hacked so severely a few months ago that I had to completely start form scratch. My forum in "' was hacked, so I just closed it. I hate seeing so much hatred being brewed by extremists in this day and age. like some people say "can't we just get along?"
Hi Simon,
Thanks for the great work you are doing with your newsletter. Sorry I haven't written so far, even though I have received and read all your issues from day one. The reason for my silence was my association with Melkonian, so if I wrote, it was going to be about the controversies surrounding it, and given my views, I found it more appropriate to keep silent.
Having been closely involved with the alumni worldwide, first as chairman of the California alumni, and later as editor-publisher of the MEI Newsletter for 4 years, I have been greatly disappointed by the apathy and lack of interest of most graduates toward the school. For most, Melkonian does not go beyond their youthful memories. It is only the handful who have put their money where there mouths are. With alumni like ours, who needs enemies! Of course the utterly inefficient AGBU being in the driving seat made things worse, compounded by the Ramgavar takeover of the school and the Ramgavar/Dashnag animosity between the school and the Armenian community of Cyprus.
On a more hopeful subject, thank you for helping Zaruhi Harutyunyan move up the ranks on the world tennis radar. Has she beaten you yet? I will be sending her some money. I hope others do also. Unfortunately, it is an Armenian defect not to support potential until they are discovered by the non-Armenian world.
Asbed Pogarian - La Crescenta, California

PS. I enjoyed your article on System of a Down. Contrary to what some think, they are doing much more to advance the Armenian cause than many conventional methods. And them winning the Grammy, to me, IS A BIG NEWS, much bigger than the Cyprus court injunction about the MEI, and worthy of your front page.

My favorite TV channel, "FOX!" just had a report on the following Turkish movie which the reporter characterized as "Anti-American".

This movie, which may have something to do with Iraq, has apparently been overwhelmingly successful with high ratings for three seasons in turkey and in Germany, presumably among the millions of Turkish immigrants. Its DVD should soon hit the US market. It would be interesting to see the movie to assess if it may also be ultra-nationalist pan-turkic, pan-turanism as well or not. If that's the case, I bet you that has been done at the expense of denying the Armenian genocide, and by undermining the territorial integrity and immense cultural contributions of Iranian peoples..
Prof David Rahni
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Two Armenian mountain-skiers from "Pyunic" (Armenian Association for the Disabled) Mher Avanesian and Greta Khndzrtsian, will participate in the Paralympic Torino 2006 Winter Games. Though the two Armenian skiers failed to qualify for the Games they have been granted so-called 'card blanche,' by the International Paralympic Committee in order to promote development of sport among people with physical disabilities.
AYMA soccer team defeated arch rivals Asklipios 2-0 with goals by Garo Shahbenderian and Simon Hamandjian in the second division championships of the Amateur Football Federation. After their victory last Saturday, AYMA stand second in the table behind Coopers.

a click from the anti-Azeri demonstration on February 28 in Yerevan

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

The Mail on Sunday - Sunday 12 March, 2006
By Jacqueline Theodoulou - Minority religious groups of Armenians, Latins and Maronites, should be made to join the National Guard like everyone else, Ombudswoman Eliana Nicolaou has ruled.
Nicolaou, who is also head of the Authority against Racism and Discrimination, acted after a group of Greek Cypriots requested that she investigate whether the fact that these minority groups were not made to do military service constituted a form of unfair treatment and discrimination.
The Ombudswoman’s report ruled in favour of the plaintiffs and was sent on to the Defence Ministry, with the request that the appropriate regulations be made and discrimination against Greek Cypriot youths in favour of the minority groups be lifted.
But Maronite House Antonis Hadjiroussos described Nicolaou’s report as “superficial and lacking in depth”, and said the matter would be discussed with representatives from other minority groups.
“We have never refused to join the army. It was the government that decided that Maronites were not obliged to join the army. I don’t know why the Ombudswoman is now describing this as discrimination.
“We will discuss the matter with Nicolaou and the other minorities and will then decide how to react.”
According to Dr Vahakn Atamian, Armenian House Representative, the groups are planning to meet President Tassos Papadopoulos and discuss the matter.
“After that, we will see how we will proceed,” Atamian said yesterday.
Following a recommendation by the National Guard, almost no members of the above minorities have served in the National Guard since the 1960s. And due to the small number of their communities’ members, only a few dozens of Armenian, Maronite and Latin 18-year-olds avoid the call-up every year.
The Defence Ministry is examining Nicolaou’s report and will be giving an official response soon.
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GIBRAHAYER e-magazineOBITUARY- His Holiness Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia, members of the Brotherhood of Cilicia, announce with deepest sadness the passing of His Eminence Archbishop Ghevont Chebeyan, on Thursday, March 9, 2006. The Extreme Unction took place during the Divine Liturgy service at the Cathedral of St. Gregory the Illuminator in Antelias, on Saturday, March 10. Interment followed in the Mausoleum of the Holy See of Cilicia.
Ghevont Srpazan was Arachnort of Cyprus from 1946-1956.

latest on tennis champion Zaruhi Harutyunyan

Gibrahayer Monday 13 March, 2006 - Armenia's tennis star practising in Cyprus, Zaruhi Harutyunyan leaves this week for tournaments in Tunisia, the U.K and Turkey and will be hoping to improve her 575 ranking to make her eligible for Grand Slam tournaments by the end of the year. All those who are assisting her, think she can make it big on the world tour.
YOU TOO CAN HELP by sending your contribution to her.

LATEST NEWS. We have been informed by the organising committee of the Sutton Junior Tennis Centre tournament at Rosehill Park in Surrey - England that Harutyunyan will be seeded four in the main draw and will not be playing qualification matches.
You can make your contributions to the following Account:
Laiki Bank Strovolos Industrial Area, Stavrou 96 I, 2034, Strovolos
Account Number 101 - 08 - 037631 for Zaruhi Harutyunyan under guardian Simon Aynedjian
International transfers at IBAN CY30 0030 0101 0000 0101 0803 7631 . Swift Code address LIKICY2N

gibrahayer calendar
Saturday and Sunday 18 and 19 March 2006 The Knar Dance Ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association of Beirut will be arriving in Cyprus and will give two performances in Larnaca.
Saturday 18 March 2006 After the performance of the Knar Dance Ensemble a dinner dance has been organised in Larnaca. For details please contact Adour Karageulian on 99880226.
BOLSAHAY ART CRITIC IN CYPRUS: Friday, 24 March 06, The Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Chapter has organised a book presentation and slide show by Bolsahay art historian/critic MAYDA SARIS who will present her monumental work - "Armenian Painting: From the beginning to the Present". Utudjian Hall, 8 p.m. Don't miss this opportunity to meet our Bolsahay compatriot intellectual, who is also the art critic of AGOS newspaper.
Michink - Sunday March 26, 2006 lunch time - Organised by The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) Sosse Cyprus Chapter at AYMA
Monday April 3, 2006 - Opus 39 Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Tatiana Ferahian, on at 8:00 p.m. Opening by Garo Keheyan, President of the Pharos Trust.

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