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06 03 03 - demonstration of Berlin on March 15
BERLIN Paris- France
Collective VAN, JAF, UCFAF, UGAB, ASPA and the Friends of the NAM (Nouvelles d Armenie Magazine) with the support of the CCAF, the Cypriot Community of France and Memory 2000 CALL a GATHERING IN FRONT of GERMANY EMBASSY MARCH 15, 2006 at 6:30 pm TO PROTEST AGAINST COMMEMORATIONS to BERLIN IN HOMAGE to TALAAT PASHA, ORCHESTRATOR of GENOCIDE of ARMENIAN PEOPLE.

The party of Justice and Development (AKP) withdraws demonstration of Berlin on March 15

The three members of AKP, Mehmet Dülger, Vahit Erdem and Turhan Çömez, members of the committee in responsibility of organize "operation Talaat Pasha" announced Tuesday February 28 to the Turkish press which they will not physically take part in the "Great Project 2006" of a anti-Armenian demonstration in Berlin from the 15 to next 19 March.

Mehmet Dülger, President of the Commission of the Foreign Affairs of the Large National Assembly of Turkey (GLOVE), Vahit Erdem, chief of the delegation of Turkey at the AP-OTAN and Turhan Çömez, deputy of AKP of the area of Balikesir, adviser and private assistant of Turkish the Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan indicated that "although understanding the direction of this demonstration, they made this decision taking into account their responsibility".


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