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051013 - Dear Local Armenian Diaspora Community
I am writing to you in regards to the creation of the first International Diaspora and Armenian National Sailing Team. It is our goal as the Armenian sailing community to achieve two things.

1. Race a combined sponsored team of Armenian nationals and Diaspora Armenians in an international sailing race.
2. Through the publicity of succeeding in this regatta, fundraise to create a Yacht club on beautiful Lake Sevan, truly one of Armenian’s precious natural resources. Currently Lake Sevan is home to some amazing sailors that are lacking resources, and the very successful Armenian handicapped sailors that have already won international events. The creation of a yacht club, is more then just the home of a great youth activity but also promotes the environmentally friendly use of lake Sevan.
This initial letter is a request to your community to help us find the Armenian sailors we need to create our international team. Please post or e-mail a request as follows to your community.
Wanted :
Armenians who love competitive sailboat racing to formulate an international team of Armenians. The goal of this team is to race in an international regatta under full sponsorship. After this has been accomplished those involved in the international team will be charged with the task of helping to create the first Armenian Yacht Club.

If interested please e-mail Zaven Nazaretian Vice President of Fundraising Committee Armenian Sailing Federation.
Yerevan Phone # Until Dec, 23rd: (375-010) 52-50-51
North American Phone # After Dec, 23rd: (902) 423-8049
If you have any suggestions on how or who can help facilitate this project please fell free to contact me at your leisure.


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