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Honorable Prime Minister and Leader of April 2018 Honorable Nokol Pahinyan


The Ambassador of Mother See, the Armenian Catholic or Apostolic Churches also?

A) The unfortunate event of 22. 11.2019 in Rome, during which the meeting of the Prime Minister of the “Armenian Velvet Revolution” of 2018 Nikol Pashinyan with Armenians did not take place;
B) The open letter of the Armenian Community Organization of Rome and Lazio as of 28.11.2019 to the authorities and to the mass media to complain against the event mentioned in point A.
We only learned about the event from the video about the Prime Minister's visit to San Nicola da Tolentino Street and your presence in the Armenian Catholic Church, when the Seminarists’ Choir was singing and simultaneously it was posted on website in Armenian. Besides, without an exception, as usual, an urgent refutation was made, accompanied by a photo taken the day before in Milan, in the presence of the representatives of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Father Tirayr and Patriarch Khajak, together with the Ambassador of Armenia, Her Excellency Victoria Baghdasaryan. The meeting was also attended by Marina Mavyan, President of the Armenian House of Milan in the left side of the photo. That same photo, it turns out, was incredibly simultaneously attached to two different events of Milan and Rome as of November 22.

Naturally, the photo was not a photo of the Church of San Nicolas da Tolentino in Rome, a circumstance that was immediately unwisely refuted.

Besides, since 06.12.2019, in more well-known Armenian mass media we read that the responsibility of the non-taken place meeting of the Prime Minister Pashinyan with the Armenian community of Rome and Lazio is exclusively attributed to Ambassador of Armenia in Italy Her Excellency Victoria Baghdasaryan.

In addition, we receive the news of the possible removal of the Ambassadress, as if all this is her exclusive "fault" and "responsibility".

This is a political issue that has been growing for obvious reasons since 2010, from the silent visit of RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush and the subsequent news in website as of 22.11.2019 (accompanied by a fake photo as it was used for events in Milan and Rome) after confidential meetings with manipulators spreading it.

This is a low-value political issue that aims to divide Italy obviously and highly probably between raising the role and the power of the Armenian Catholic Church in the Center and the South, while in the North - raising the role and the power of the Apostolic Church.

And all this happens without following the natural process of unification and non-homologation between the parties, not just religious, but peaceful dialogue and coexistence, which often, on other occasions, took place between the two Armenian Catholic churches in Rome. San Biaggio Armeno on Giulia Street and San Nicola da Tolentino.

It is worth emphasizing and reminding that Ecumenical Divine Liturgy was held a year ago by Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II of Echmiadzin and with the participation of the Ambassadress and her predecessor present at the Holy See, which has never been done in any of the Roman Apostolic Churches. It should be noted and emphasized that in order to obtain permission to use our historic church, which has been a gift to the Armenian people by the Roman Catholic Church since 1625, dedicated to San Biagio Armeno della Paniotta, numerous attempts have been made by the Embassy of Iran in the Mother See through meetings and lunches between the Armenians and the Catholicos of Cilicia Aram I. His representatives from the National Communities' Primacies were present, with the participation of Cardinals Walter Casper and Alessandro Sandri. Besides, the Honorable Armenian Professor of the Iranian Parliament, Karen Khanlari, and various Armenian and Iranian journalists were present.

Unfortunately, I have to recall these various and ten-year-old episodes so that I can better understand past facts and their non-accidental occurrence in order to best fight against the Roman Apostolic Church. This slow process reached its culminating point on 22.11.2019, with the failed meeting with Prime Minister Pashinyan during his visit to Rome.

Finally a question: Why don't the Armenians of Rome express their position or opinion on the events described and recalled?

Ready for any discussion or clarification, I send you the assurance of brotherly respect.

Vahe Massihi Vartanian
Con Fratterno Rispetto –


Vahe M , Vartanian

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