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15 - 04-2019 Richiesta del riconoscimento un spazio per commemorare mario Verdone a Yerevan in LINGUA INGLESE
Subject: Request of the ZATIK AND ADHERENTS Association, to the cultural authorities of the Republic of Armenia to dedicate a space for the recognition of Prof. Mario Verdone in Yerevan.

Ten years ago on June 26, Mario Verdone left us:

Professor Mario Verdone. He always worked with great energy. He was ninety-two years old, but he worked as a forty-year-old, quoting dates, names, facts, everything was present and alive in his memory. Hearing him speak fascinated by the wealth of anecdotes and the wisdom of his considerations. He told me that, though he was tired and if he did not immediately remember the (impossible) name of some Japanese or Arab, he did not fail to emphasize his old age. But on the Armenian names and poems, no, he didn't hesitate, his memory was always immediate.

Mario Verdone loved Armenia, his history, his culture, he loved Armenia in its entirety not only for its historical misfortunes. When our Association decided a year to celebrate April 24th, Mario showed us a vital theme, not a mere commemoration. He pointed out the great Armenian directors, those he himself had discovered in his work as a scholar and film critic. We then held a cycle (expensive for our meager finances) of Armenian films at the Filmstudio in Rome, a valuable cycle that he edited and that he followed every night with the same passion and the same attention as when he had discovered what innovative skills Armenian cinematography was a carrier. Having him with us, in our Association and as an irreplaceable friend-in-law voice, having attended him was an honor and a richness. He enriched us with his good nature and his availability, being ready to experiment and balance in the judgments. He was in short a teacher. I do not know if the news of his disappearance in Erevan has aroused the condolences it deserves.

It would be nice if a square or a street were recognized, or that a classroom or a university library in Yerevan was named after him, in other words that some initiative was taken (an exhibition of his writings would suffice) in his honor. Zatik had already proposed it ten years ago but nothing has happened since then, today we comes back to make himself a promoter of this initiative, with the hope that the Ministry of Education or some Armenian cultural institution will collect it.

Presidente Graziella Falconi e Copresidente Mario De Stefano

Ind dei Destinatari della Richiesta;
Italian Ambassador in Armenia His Excellency Vincenzo Del Monaco
0010, Jerevan, via Italia 5 Tel. +37410542345, fax +37410542301
Undersecretary Nazeni Gharibyan
Address: 0010, Vazgen Sargsyan 3/8, Yerevan Tel.:52-93-49 Fax: 52-93-49
Ministry of Culture
The Republic of Armenia Ministry of Culture is a republican body of executive authority, which elaborates and implements the policies of the Republic of Armenia Government in the culture sector.
- Deputy Ministers:
Tigran Galstyan
Nazeni Gharibyan
Vahe Budumyan
- For Knowledge at the Armenian Embassy in Italy;
At the State of the Italian Republic
- The Embassy to the Holy See
Coordinating Members of the ZATIK Association
Vahed Massihi Vartanian e Valentina Fabbri
The signatures of the associations and members follow: The members of the board of the ARMENA DI APULIA Association collaborated
Pres. Rupen Timurian e Professors Isabella Oztasciyan Bernardini d'Arnesano, Kegham J. Boloian , Carlo Coppola e Ioannes Davolis.
For the meeting with Carlo Verdone in Lecce on 11 April 2019
we must thank
The Professor of the Armenian Language course in Rome Seta Martayan
Former President of the Association of the Armenian Community of Rome and Lazio and the Professor Fatemeh Sara GABOARDI Maleki Minoo,Lodi and Chiara Negri Vahramian , Milano

11 Aprile 2019 a levcce con Carlo Verdone Proff.ri dell’Univ di LECCE - Isabella Oztasciyan Bernardini d'Arnesano,
Kegham J. Boloyan e Ioannes Davolis.
11 Aprile 2019 a levcce con Carlo Verdone e la dedica alla iniziativa
Proff.ri dell’Univ di LECCE - Isabella Oztasciyan Bernardini d'Arnesano
Kegham J. Boloian , Carlo e Mario Verdone Odi armene
Traduziobne delle Poesie di Yeghishe Charenz
Ermankov raccolta doccumentazioni sugli armeni del 1910 Edizione OEMME Edizioni famiglia Manoukian a Cura dell’Arch- Herman Vahramian

A-Indicative links follow: 06 07 2009 – Previous appeal and promoters of the iniziative for Mario Verdone, his favorite Charenz poem entitled “Charenz da Galera “
1- Members of the Association ZATIK
2- Baykar Sivazlian, Pres. Unione degli Armeni d'Italia
3- Gueguel Khachaturian, membro dell’Unione Degli Armeni d’Italia
4- Gabriella Uluhogian . già Docente dell’Università di Bologna
5- Famiglia Cerruti – dai familiari del Prof. Verdone
6- Seta Martayan e Rita Pabis, Già presidenti dell’Associazione della Comunità armena di Roma e del Lazio
7- Numerosi altri firmatari della presente richiesta
B- Some works of the Professor Mario Verdone Translated poem "My Sweet Armenia" C- Review:
Translation of Yeghische Charenz’s poem
…………………………………………………………………. Book - Text by Mario Verdone With the collaboration of the Institute of Performing Arts, Music and Communication of the University of Rome Publishing House Armena A Mariuccia e Onnik Manoukian
Herman Vahramian: Werke 1973 bis 1988, Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Skulpturen, Graphik : Museum Bochum, 6.2.-20.3.1988
/search?q=au%3AVahramian%2C+Herman.&qt=hot_author by Herman Vahramian; Francesco Maria Solitario Print book - Publisher: Mailand : Oeme Edizioni, ©1988.
- list of linkographies of the Professor Mario Verdone
- Follow the signatures which you can check on the following pages through the links below
Roma, May 2 2019
18 Maggio 2019
Coordinatori , Destinatari e Linkografia delle opere del Prof, Mario Verdone

VAHE . richiesta

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