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31 / marzo 2014 _ Church of St. George the Martyr in Bari
luned́ 31 marzo 2014 Great fire destroyed the Church of St. George the Martyr in Bari With great sorrow, on behalf of the Friends of the Commonwealth of Bari, I can tell that a great fire almost destroyed the Church of St. George the Martyr in Bari The origin of this church, according to some sources attributed to the Armenian presence in our city, remains uncertain.

Recent studies, starting in the sixties, have demonstrated the lack of opportunity to bring this site to Armenian origin. These studies lead back, however, other rural areas of Bari to the Medieval Armenian presence.
This presence is evidenced for example by the Diplomatic Code of Bari, and other contemporary documents. Can you read, for example, the studies and research Raffaele Licinio, Franco Porsia, Franco and Carlo Dell'Aquila and many investigative actions and more recent publications by Sergio Chiaffarata.
The loss of an asset of inestimable value, such as this, it is devastating to the people of Bari, which, as often happens in Italy recently, people ignore his story several times a denigrates or despises his story.
Other times, this history with its evidences, it ends up in the clutches of a bureaucracy and red tape of the cultural heritage that is deep thinking between the public and private sectors, and seeks a way out that is not found, if not taken with heavy location at the edge of the hard collision. In his Pastoral Visit of September 28, 2013 in Bari, the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church Spiritual Father of Italy Tovma Khachatryan had visited the Rock Church of St. George, the date on which the Armenian Church remembers the liturgical memorial of Saint.
Since the end of 2012 some members of the Armenian Community of Bari went several times on pilgrimage to the Church of St. George, remaining in prayer and turning some important images that today, perhaps, the last remaining evidence of this precious asset lost by neglect and decay.
TelepaceArmenia, Armenian language broadcaster in Italy, was preparing to broadcast a news report and to promote an awareness campaign in favor of this building of worship. The main contribution to it will be given by the Armenian community of Bari and in particular the sign. Seiran and Dr. Sarkisyan. Carlo Coppola, who have long been personally committed to this through the blog "Armenians in Italian" and "Centro Studi Hrand Nazariantz" and various Youtube channels.
Unfortunately, the times and the good will of all were much slower than vandals.

thank to photo @Sergio Chiaffarata
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