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5 Marzo 2014 - Bournoutian Publishes Book on Iranís Mission of Apology to Russia in 1829
By Contributor // March 5, 2014 in Books & Art, Featured
Mazda Academic Press recently announced the publication of Dr. George Bournoutian’s new book, From Tabriz to St. Petersburg: Iran’s Mission of Apology to Russia in 1829.

This original volume, based solely on Persian and Russian primary sources, describes the year-long journey of the Iranian delegation to Russia to apologize for the murder of the Russian ambassador and the massacre of the entire staff of the Russian Embassy (save one) by an angry mob in Tehran in February 1829. The incident, which was sparked when an Armenian man and two Armenian women (who either sought refuge or were brought to the Russian Embassy in Tehran) endangered the recent peace between Russia and Iran following the Second Russo-Iranian War of 1826-28.

The Iranian representatives left Tabriz in two groups: the first in March and the second in May 1829. The first group went through Nakhichevan, Yerevan, Sardarabad, Etchmiadzin, Gyumri, Spitak, and Stepanavan to Tiflis. The second group went through Karabagh and Ganja to Tiflis. From there, the two groups united and went on to Moscow and then to St. Petersburg, where they stayed for more than two months.

The mission, headed by Khosrow Mirza, the 16-year-old 7th son of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza, carried letters of apology and gifts to the tsar. It returned on Feb. 27, 1830, after successfully accomplishing its task. The young prince had not only charmed the tsar, the royal family, and the nobility, but had also managed to reduce Iran’s war indemnity payment to Russia. His skillful diplomacy saved Iran from Russian retaliation, strengthened Russo-Iranian ties, and lessened the British influence in Iran.

The present study, utilizing Persian and Russian contemporary accounts, is a detailed and daily account of the long journey and experiences of the Iranian delegation in Armenia and Georgia, its stay in the various Russian cities such as Vladikavkaz, Stavropol, Voronezh, Moscow, and especially its long stay in St. Petersburg. The Iranians met a number of Armenian officials in the service of Russia and visited the Lazarian Institute. It should serve as a primary source on Russo-Iranian relations in the first third of the 19th century.

The 360-page book contains 8 special maps, photos, and facsimiles of the original manuscripts, and can be obtained from Mazda Academic Press.


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