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050921 - Artista Armena , HRATCH ISRAELIAN
Born: 06.07.1956, Armenia (USSR)
Since 1972: Research on the new painting technic that creates photographic accuracy and 3D depth.
Fingerprints of the 20th century.
This new painting technic is a direct replica of the technologies, developed by the industrial revolution. Why Industrial Revolution? Because the new shapes and surfaces that came out of industrial revolution have composed the cultural landscape of 20th century. If the culture of our century wants to live it's fingerprints it has this painting technic for it. In this new painting process nature much more easily unfold its secrets. This painting technic can advance motion picture technology, industrial design, and computer animation.
When we start to paint with this new method, we begin to believe, how the art of painting can advance several industries. In the process of new painting, we can observe the semilarties 3D reality and this new technic. After getting familiar with this new technic, we can realize that it is the practice of life on paper.

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