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050921 - Ghibrahayer , Verchin Jam or Lastminut
(Nicosia Wednesday 21 Tuesday 2005) - Moments before Gibrahayer e-magazine was being dispatched, a third candidate - Parsegh Zartarian of Nicosia, joined the two doctors of Nicosia for a bid for the October 9 by-elections. Zartarian's candidacy - a unique phenomenon in the community's traditional two-man duals - is expected to have an impact on an undetermined number of voters, specially on those who are looking for an alternative option to exhibit their dissatisfaction to the current state of affairs and the regression of our community. The community has never had a three-man race since the establishment of the Cyprus republic in 1960.
Zartarian has also launched his personal website at , and his one-page declaration on ,where he has announced his political platform on why the community should vote for him and states. "Our aim is to be a platform for original ideas, to generate debate and make proposals for the benefit of the Armenian Community of Cyprus. We believe our community needs NEW ideas, NEW leaders, NEW attitudes and NEW ways of thinking."

(Monday 19, 2005 Gibrahayer e-magazine.) After Dr. Antranik Ashdjian's candidacy for the vacated seat of the Armenian representative in the Cyprus Parliament, Dr. Vahakn Atamyan joined the race last week announcing his candidacy. According to - an independent online Armenian Cypriot portal - Dr.Atamyan is being supported by the Communists, Henchagians and Ramgavar political groups.
On the other hand, and according to Artsagang newspaper ( Dr. Antranik Ashdjian's candidacy has been endorsed by AYMA, Hamazkayin, The Armenian Relief Society (HOM), as well as the Larnaca Armenian Club, Limassol LHEM and The Dashnaktsoutiun Committee of Cyprus.
Since last week, has initiated an online poll, the first results of which are published here. We urge all our GIBRAHAYER e-magazinesubscribers to read the article and vote, to who they think is the more suitable candidate. This is what the polls were depicting, hours before Gibrahayer was being posted this week. Furthermore, is offering free hosting with CMS in 2 languages to the other 2 candidates who do not have a personal website. (
Meanwhile website has announced the following regarding the elections in an open letter to the Armenian Cypriot
Furthermore, the Melkonian closure is also a topic on . Besides posting a picture of AGBU Central Board President Berj Setrakian wearing a Turkish fez, the latest news are posted in the documents section.
When you enter the site click on "view pictures" and then "view as slideshow."

Tens of subscribers have contacted us to demand for a public debate regarding the upcoming October 9 by-elections.
We think this debate will give the opportunity to the candidates to discucss their points of view regarding the political, cultural, educational, religious, sport and social problems facing our community today.
Through public dialogue and questions put forward by our community members, voters will formulate a better picture regarding their candidates.
Finally, it will also give the candidates an opportunity to perform under scrutiny and pass a test on communication and marketing from their voter base.
The biggest problems and blunders facing our community today are the direct result of the lack of checks and balances and the lack of transparency.
Before we give our vote to the three candidates, they should - through the universally accepted forum of a public debate - convince and inspire us, before seeking to become the window of our community to the outside world.
We want to see them, we want to hear them, before we judge and vote for them.
We expect to hear from our candidates for a mutually accepted date for next week, to organise a public debate on a structure and contents accepted by all.
We will publish the replies of the candidates.

Gibrahayer e-magazine - Tuesday 20 September, 2005

International Relations Committee Chairman and Ranking Democrat Lead Strong Bipartisan Majority in Approving H.Res.316 and H.Con.Res.195
(Armenian National Committee of America Washington D.C - September 16, 2005) - Following almost three hours of remarks by a bipartisan group of 24 Members of Congress, the House International Relations Committee, today, voted in favor of two measures calling for proper U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide and urging Turkey to end its decades long denial of this crime against humanity, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). The votes clear yet another hurdle toward full House recognition of the Armenian Genocide. more at:
In Cyprus, Armenian National Committee of Cyprus Chairman and candidate for the Cyprus Parliament Dr.Antranik Ashdjian expressing his satisfaction over the Genocide legislation, pointing out that the successes of diaspora's political activities are the result of decade-long commitment and resources, achieved through the collective efforts of organisations who have believed and struggled for the seemingly impossible tasks in power politics.
Dr Ashdjian said that The Armenian National Committee of Cyprus as an important chain to that effort that brings together the pan-national efforts towards achieving the recognition of the Armenian Genocide will continue.

•Argentina's Foreign Minister Rafael Antonio Bielsa, who returned from a visit to Armenia less than two weeks ago, was honoured at the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF)"Armenia" center in Buenos Aires.
•An Armenian Genocide Conference begins in Turkey at Bogzici University this weekend, 23–24–25 September 2005. Subject:Ottoman Armenians during the Demise of the Empire: Issues of Democracy and Scientific Responsibility, Bogazici University - Garanti Cultural Center - Ayhan Sahenk Conference Room.
•The US signed a five-year $295.3 million agreement with Georgia through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). A portion of the funds, about $102 million, will be allocated to constructing roads in Javakhk. Of that, 50 million will go to constructing the Akhaltskha-Akhalkalak-Ninotsminda highway.
•The tenth joint Russian-Armenian military exercises concluded Tuesday at the Marshal Bagramyan firing range in Armenia.
•The Greek OTE has no plans to sell its shares in ArmenTel. OTE has repeatedly stated in the last years that it might sell its shares in ArmenTel. OTE owns 90% of ArmenTel with the remaining 10% belonging to the Armenian Government.
•A 15 year-old Armenian boy was killed by four ethnic Iranians on September 8 evening in downtown Tehran. The squabble between the Armenian boy, Miro Begijanian and Iranians erupted when he was going back home from the official opening of Armenian Sport Olympiad in Tehran, an annual event held by the local Armenian community. According to eyewitnesses, the Armenian boy returned bad language
from the four Iranians, but the latter stopped his car and attacked him by batons beating him to death.
•EU governments resolved differences over Turkey's refusal to recognize Cyprus, keeping alive plans to start Turkish membership talks on Oct. 3. Representatives from the EU's 25 nations approved a common response to Turkey's diplomatic boycott of Cyprus, which joined the bloc last year. The dispute distracted EU attention from a negotiating plan for Turkey that needs the backing of all member nations.

The declaration urges Turkey to ensure free trade with Cyprus while moving toward normal political ties ``as soon as possible''.
•Swiss justice authorities announced Monday that they are investigating a Turkish politician who said the killings of Armenians during World War I could not be classified as genocide. Dogu Perincek, leader of the small leftist Turkish Workers Party, is suspected of reaching Switzerland's anti-racism laws, which ban any denial of genocidal killing, Bern investigators said.
•The European Court of Human Rights is expected to announce a decision next week on the property rights of minority foundations. Specifically, the Court will adjudicate two cases filed by the Soorp Purgich Armenian Hospital Foundation and the Fener Greek Boys High School Foundation against Turkey.


Erdogan and friends at
Armenian Cypriot of Lebanese origin in the hands of
Turkish Identity - New York Times article
Azad Or website on Dr. Antranik Ashdjian
...follow the latest news regarding the Pan-Armenian mobilization against the decision of the AGBU to shut down Melkonian school ... OUR OPINION
To realise and reinforce the fight to save Melkonian, it is important that all parties involved as well as all individuals connected to the administration and running of the school and decision-making processes of the last decades, come out of their shelters and account for the reasons they perceive as to why Melkonian was shut down.
Until today, this has not been done.
Only blaming the AGBU central board for a decision which was the final piece to a puzzle, is both wrong and unethical.
It also shifts blame to the wrong-doings of the people who in the past ran the school as a political bastion, and benefited from the funds and leverages the school provided.
AGBU central board no doubt have their part of the blame. They too should account for their wrong doings.
Who are the brave to stand on the ashes of Melkonian and account for the biggest blow on our community after the Turkish invasion?
Gibrahayer e-magazine
TATIANA'S CORNER returns soon ... after Tatiana returns from The People's Republic of China
This corner is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian's comic strips which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness and interest toward our community's everyday happenings.
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