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..... politics of the Armenian Genocide, including testimonies of Ambassador Morgentau. and Raphael Lemkin.
Dear Italo-Armeni friends

I do hope all is well with you all. We certaily live in turbulant times. No matter, life continues despite the gigantic inhumanity trying to distort
humanity itself ...

I am pleased to tell you that I have just received an exceptional youtube link-- a documentary produced in Germany, now in English too -- where German
actors personify historical figures retelling their eyewitness impressions of the politics of the Armenian Genocide, including testimonies of Ambassador
Morgentau. and Raphael Lemkin.
As you well know, in few days time it will be the Remembrance Day - April 24 - of the Genocide of the Armenians . But, alas, it seems still time is
not 'ripe' for our Mother of All Parliaments to announce its dignified acknowledgment of that magnum crime. I wish I am mistaken...

Christian zealots still think it was the Golgotha of the Armenians... It's worth thinking though -- if the Magnum Martyr resurrected a couple of weeks
before that Magnum Crime to enthrone on the right side of His Divine Father above, why on earth He let a whole nation be thrown on the path He willingly followed to open the doors of Heaven, letting the doors of earthly hell to open for the Armenians, and to many other nations too, in all ages, even becoming the 'collateral damage of globalisation'?

Towards the end of the documentary it is mentioned what Adam Schif, HR, has said: "The Turkish government has threatedned to close the air base at Incirlik and to enter Iraq to pursue the Kurds there if we discusss the
resolution on the genocide [of the Armenians]."
Lo and befold Turkish planes already did that few weeks back, this year, without closing the Incirlink base but with their success in the denial of that resolution in the US House if Represanatives, thus rendering the US government to become "complicit in another nation's [Turkey] campaign of
denial of genocide." (Adam Schif, cited above)

Here is the story told in a consumate documentary. No, not about the last supper, martyrdon on the cross and ascent to heaven, but about the politics
of hell on earth -genocide.

All the best
PS The attached is my recent paper in Armenian, written on Easter Day 2012


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