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Nel 300° anniversario dalla nascita di Sayat Nova: A competition for young composers from Armenia is announced by the East West Festival, which is organised and promoted by Association Xenia Ensemble (Turin Italy).
A competition for young composers from Armenia is announced by the East West
Festival, which is organised and promoted by Association Xenia Ensemble (Turin Italy).
1) The competition is open to composers of Armenian Nationality up to and including
the age of 30.
2) The deadline for applications is May 20th 2012
Candidates must send:
i) A current CV;
ii) two of their existing scores (not more) for any chamber formation preferably in
PDF format;
iii) a short written project about the proposed work for the concert on 26th and 27th
iv) a copy of their conservatoire diploma (or a letter of recommendation for their
activity as composer).
3) All material should preferably be sent electronically with PDF attachments to the
following addresses
If the candidate has not got access to email, then the application and scores may be
posted to:
(We suggest allowing at least 3 weeks for post to arrive)
All emails and letters must be marked as subject “EastWest Composers Competition
4) The deadline for receipt of candidates’ applications and the accompanying material
is May 20th 2012. (Receipt of emails and materials will be confirmed.) The competition result will be announced on line by May 31st 2012. The winner will be
informed as soon as the decision is made.
5) The competition winner will compose a work which will receive its first performance during the 2011 East West Festival at the Circolo dei Lettori, Turin on
October 26th 2012 and at the Fondazione Bottari Lattes in Monforte d’Alba on October 27th 2012. The performers at that concert will be the Ensemble Progetto Nor Arax: Ani Martirossian, piano - Maurizio Redegoso Kharitian, viola and Stefano Zanoli, reader with Mkhitar Kettssyan, voice e kamantcha.
Lungo Po Antonelli 17 – 10153 Torino (Italia) – tel/fax +39 011 8124881 -
The competition winner will be asked to compose a work for the following formation:
duo piano and viola. The duration of the work should be around 5/6
minutes, and a maximum of 7 minutes. An important feature of the East –West festival is the cross-over of different musical cultures, and this should be taken into account by the competition winner when writing the new piece.
Hence the work will have the characteristics of “cross-cultural” style where the works of SAYAT NOVA are an important part of the composition.
7) The winner of the competition will be invited to attend the rehearsals and performances in Turin, and will be given board and lodging in Turin. The Xenia Ass.
will also look into funding for a travel grant.
8) The jury will consist of members of Progetto Nor Arax Ensemble, a member of Ass. Ensemble Xenia and a composer. The jury’s decision will be final.
9) The winner of the competition will be asked to deliver his new work in PDF format by email to the same addresses not later than 2nd September 2012.
Alternatively score and parts can be sent by post to arrive by the same date.
10) No monetary prize is offered.
For information on Xenia Ensemble EstOvest Festival, please check (Italian) (english)
A project set up to promote Armenian musical culture.
The name of this group is that of a village in southern Italy, near Bari that was host to
hundreds of Armenia families who fled the holocaust in 1915. The group’s mission is to rediscover, through music, poetry and visual imagery the Armenia cultural and spiritual roots that go right back to the origins of our civilization. The group has performed widely in Italy and France together with the internationally renowned duduk player Levon Minassian.
Lungo Po Antonelli 17 – 10153 Torino (Italia) – tel/fax +39 011 8124881 -


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