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Civilitas's 100 Questions and Answers will feature former judge Parkev Ohanyan.
Mr. Ohanyan, a respected jurist, was removed from office in 2007. He also represented former president Levon Ter Petrossian in his appeal to the Armenian Constitutional Court following the 2008 presidential election. This is an opportunity to hear about Armenia's judicial system from an insider. The event will be livestreamed and also placed on the Civilitas Foundation site.

The most recent Civilitas Public forum -- on the Armenian language -- attracted an interesting mix of traditional writers, linguists, academicians, artists and new media writers. The editors of two monthly magazines -- Cosmopolitan Armenia and Yerevan Magazine -- shared their concerns and frustrations with attempting to write for a younger generation and struggling with a flexible language but sometimes an inflexible audience.
The Civilitas Foundation cordially invites you
to the next discussion in the series:
"One Hundred Questions,
One Hundred Answers"

This month's guest is
Pargev Ohanyan
Former Judge

Discussion is moderated by
Aram Abrahamyan
Editor-in-Chief of Aravot Daily

The event will take place at the
Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan, Rossini Hall,
on Wednesday, March 7 at 2 p.m.

To confirm your participation,
please call 010 500-119.
Number of places is limited.

Simultaneous translation will be provided.

You can post your questions ahead of time.

The two editors, together with satirist/writer Narek Markarian agreed that the absence of good books, good television and a good education makes for a limited market and even more limited contributors. Civilitas Director Salpi Ghazarian concluded that the absence of tolerance is an obstacle in allowing the language to breathe and evolve, just as it's a problem in so many other spheres.

These are just two windows into issues which affect life in Armenia. On these and other issues, especially in this pre-election season, follow CivilNet.TV. In its six months, CivilNet.TV has already become a sought-after source for reporting on topics otherwise ignored by the mass media -- youth issues, environmental concerns, the economics and politics of culture. CivilNet's popular economic and social programming offer easy access to complicated topics. With the help of animation and an occasional reference to Saint Exupery, the CivilNet team expounds on the state budget, children's rights, social ills and health and education. There's no way to describe it, you have to see what we do.

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