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Dr.Atamyan's candidacy expected to follow
Gibrahayer September 12, 2005. A prominent community activist - a dentist by profession - with an impeccable track record in community affairs is bidding to become the next Armenian representative in the Cyprus House of Representatives, in the by-elections that will take place on Sunday October 9, 2005.
Besides his current position as Chairman of the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus - a post which he has continuously held for the past eight years - Dr.Antranik Ashdjian has been on the Editorial Board of the Artsagang Armenian language monthly since its founding ten years ago.
He has on many occasions participated in conferences, seminars and discussions in Cyprus, Armenia, Brussels and elsewhere, addressing issues concerning the Armenian nation, the Armenian Cause, the Armenian Church, and the Armenian Community in Cyprus as well as minority rights. Together with the late representative Bedros Kalaydjian, he played a key role in formulating the Armenian community's positions and visions regarding its status in a post-solution Cyprus.
He has written numerous articles on these issues which have been published in Cypriot (Greek and Armenian language) and Diaspora publications.
Dr.Antranik Ashdjian - a graduate of the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest - speaks and writes Armenian, Greek, English and Hungarian fluently. With his perfect knowledge of the Greek language he has - on numerous occasions over the years - appeared and advocated on Armenian related issues on national TV and all local printed and electronic media.
In 1998 he was ordained a Deacon in the Armenian Apostolic Church of Cyprus which he has been serving since childhood.
Dr. Ashdjian has been a member of the Diocesan Committee for the 1700th Jubilee of the Proclamation of Christianity as State Religion in Armenia and numerous delegations of the Catholicosate of Cilicia in Ecumenical meetings and conferences.
He has also been active in the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) and served for several terms in the AYMA/HMEM committee.
In AYF's first International jamboree held in Armenia in 1997, he met his wife Aline - a Kuwaiti Armenian whom he married in 1999. Aline works as an IT professional in PricewaterhouseCoopers, and is an active member of The Armenian Relief Society (HOM) of Cyprus, Hamazkayin Oshagan Cyprus Chapter and The Nareg School Parents and Teachers Association. Their daughter Alik aged five, currently attends first grade in Nareg Armenian School.
Dr. Ashdjian has been instrumental in the publication of the coloured tri-lingual album titled "The Armenian Apostolic Church in Cyprus", as well as the Armenian-Greek-English booklet containing the Armenian Liturgy aimed at bringing non-Armenian speaking families closer to the Church and the community. He is also responsible for the publication of "Keghart" - the periodical of the Armenian Prelacy of Cyprus and assists in the publication of "Ardziv", a literary weekly published in Lebanon.
Although no other official candidacy has been announced to the press to date, it is speculated by community circles that Dr. Ashdjian's candidacy will not be the last. Nareg School's Committee Chairman Dr. Vahakn Atamyan's name is certain to join the name of candidates. Dr.Atamyan is the President of the Ararat AGBU Futsal team and has served for several years on the School Board of the Melkonian Educational Institute.

A top ranked 15 year-old tennis player, Zaruhi Harutyunyan from Armenia has landed in Cyprus.
She has decided to stay in Cyprus and travel the tennis circuit. To that end, community officials offering assistance to the talented girl have already arranged for her to train with the Cypriot National Tennis team at the Federation's National Tennis center and work is under way to arrange issues related to her accommodation and support team who are going to help her make her mark on the tennis circuit.
Harutyunyan decided to stay in Cyprus after the Aphrodite Cup - a world ranking Junior tournament - in which she lost to -three years her senior - world number 228 Zuzanna Likhova of the Czech Republic.
With limited possibilities and opportunities in Armenia, she is hoping that her risks away from home will soon be rewarded.
As a nine year old, Harutyunyan won the Palm Springs - California Under 12 tournament and subsequently won tournaments in Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, France, England in the under 14 and the under 16 categories.
Like every community undertaking, this too needs generous community support.
With the 6,000 subscribers reading Gibrahayer e-magazine every week, I am certain that Armenians from across the globe will offer their assistance too.
Let us all give it to her.
With her practice schedule and physical training already planned and taken care of by interested parties in Cyprus, the community can show its assistance in several other ways.
She will soon go on the world tour. She needs support for travel and accommodation, sponsors for clothing, a budget for her initial take-off, where she will be attempting to break the tennis scene.
You would be amazed with the seemingly little things that are important right now.
She is 15 and does not have a driving license and needs rides to and fro the practice grounds every day... twice.
She needs to "replace" her family vacuum, of a widowed mother from a car accident, and a four your old sister.
Take a moment to think about the needs of this brave young girl who has given up everything we often take for granted

With her kind of potential I am certain she will give back to her homeland what our homeland is unable to give to her right now.

Simon Aynedjian - Gibrahayer e-magazine
All contributions will be publicised in the coming issues of Gibrahayer e-magazine. Email or call me on +357 99437073.

...follow the latest news regarding the Pan-Armenian mobilization against the decision of the AGBU to shut down Melkonian school ...

To realise and reinforce the fight to save Melkonian, it is important that all parties involved as well as all individuals connected to the administration and running of the school and decision-making processes of the last decades, come out of their shelters and account for the reasons they perceive as to why Melkonian was shut down.
Until today, this has not been done.
Only blaming the AGBU central board for a decision which was the final piece to a puzzle, is both wrong and unethical.
It also shifts blame to the wrong-doings of the people who in the past ran the school as a political bastion, and benefited from the funds and leverages the school provided.
AGBU central board no doubt have their part of the blame. They too should account for their wrong doings.
Who are the brave to stand on the ashes of Melkonian and account for the biggest blow on our community after the Turkish invasion?
Gibrahayer e-magazine - September 6, 2005
•25 Turkish journalists will shortly pay a "working visit" to Yerevan on the initiative of the Turkish
Foreign Ministry. The Star newspaper (Turkey) reports that the visit will take place in
the framework of the events preceding the Sept 23-25 Istanbul Armenian Conference, an event that is to consider alternative opinions on the Armenian Genocide and to establish contacts for developing ties between Armenia and Turkey.
•A public conference scheduled for September 22 will address Turkey's violations of basic rights as it prepares to begin accession talks with the European Union (EU) on October 3. Organized by the European Armenian Federation, the conference, "December
2004--October 2005: Has Turkey Changed?" is supported by the largest political group in the European Parliament, the EPP-ED--the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats in the European Parliament.
•Cyprus escalated a row over Turkey's refusal to recognize it, suggesting on Thursday an emergency European Union ministerial meeting just one week before Ankara is due to open membership talks. EU president Britain said it hoped to avoid such a foreign ministers' meeting, which would leave little time to agree on a negotiating mandate before the planned October 3 start of talks.
• The Armenian government approved on Thursday $200,000 in assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Deputy foreign minister Arman Kirakossian said the money will be released from government's reserve fund and will be transferred on a special US government bank account early next week.
•Armenia's defense ministry denied Azeri news reports that an Azeri soldier had been killed in a skirmish with Armenian forces in
Mountainous Karabagh on September 7. The Azerbaijan ANS channel had reported that Azeri army positions near a village in the northern section of the frontline around had Karabagh came under 'intensive' automatic gunfire from Armenian troops.
•Raging with its hypnotically dark, dense and arty style, "Mezmerize" is System Of A Down's recently released third album and perhaps its hardest-hitting effort to date. With their newest album already topping the music charts in the United States, Systm f Down are looking to unleash Mezmerize in Armenia.
•As part of its ongoing objective to develop activities and programs that promote the growth of young Armenian American professionals and strong leaders, the Armenian National Committee-Professional Network (ANC-PN) hosted its inaugural Summer Trip to Armenia. Over 40 young Armenian American professionals from across the nation embarked on the 13-day trip, which
traversed the Republics of Armenia and Mountainous Karabagh Republic.

GIBRAHAYER e-magazine I hear hurricanes a blowin'
And I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers overflowing
I hear the voice for rage and ruin.

So don't go out tonight
It's bound to take your life
There's a bad moon on the rise.

Bad Moon Risin by Creedance Clearwater Revival GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

Gibrahayer. Nicosia September 12, 2005. An Armenian Cypriot family recently back from Australia have opened up an Auto service center in Nicosia. The Parikians who moved from Australia after fleeing the Turkish invasion of 1974 are back to their homeland and are throwing roots in the country they left 30 years ago.
The Showroom / Autoservice center - Style V - is situated on Dimosthenis Severis Avenue (next to Yianopoullos Jewellery). The center will be fully operational as of this week, and in October it will also engage in auto styling and car sales.
The Parikians are hoping to bring to their new business the expertise they have gained over the years in Australia and are confident that the Armenian community of Cyprus will support their repatriation.
You can reach them for a free consultation at 22 661999, fax 22661955 and on the following mobile number. 99753232.
You can also reach them by email at

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that a judge did not err in granting U.S. citizenship to two Armenian men convicted more than 20 years ago of planning to bomb the Turkish Consulate in Philadelphia.
The decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ends a long struggle by Viken Hovsepian and Viken Yacoubian, who plotted to bomb the consulate in retaliation for the massacre of Armenians by Turks in 1915. The Turkish government denies a massacre occurred.
The men, who have been out of prison since the early 1990s, now have doctorates, have renounced violence and volunteer many hours a week in the Los Angeles Armenian-American community, said Mathew Millen, an attorney who helped handle the immigration portion of their case.
Federal law currently forbids convicted terrorists from becoming citizens. But anyone convicted of an aggravated felony before November 1990 can be granted citizenship if they have been "of good moral character" for five years prior to their application, Millen said.
The men were in their early 20s when they and two others were arrested in 1982 after authorities tape-recorded them planning the bombing. Authorities at the time said they were linked to the Justice Commandos of the Armenian Genocide.
Hovsepian was sentenced to six years in prison in 1984, while Yacoubian was sentenced to three years in prison and 1,000 hours of community service.
Yacoubian is now principal of the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School in Los Angeles' Little Armenia and has obtained a doctorate in counselling psychology from the University of Southern California, according to court documents.

TATIANA'S CORNER returns soon ... after Tatiana returns from The People's Republic of China
This corner is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian's comic strips which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness and interest toward our community's everyday happenings.
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Dear Mr. Simon N. Aynedjian (Editor of Gibrahayer) and Kalaydjian family,
I received the news of the passing of the late Bedros Kalaydjian (MP) on September 3rd, 2005 from the Gibrahayer e-mail newsletter. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound admiration to the commitment he displayed to the Cypriate-Armenian community while he was a Member of the Parliament in the Republic of Cyprus.
I also remember vividly his accompanying me on my visit to Cyprus as a Member of Parliament from Canada to various prominent Armenian centres and community leaders such as Melkonian High School, the Dividing Line in the capital and the AGBU Centre, just to mention a few. I and my family join thousands of others in expressing our condolences to the Kalaydjian family and his constituents. His memory and his work on behalf of his constituents will live forever.
Best regards,
Judge Sarkis Assadourian


Dear friends,
The most updated list of my columns can be viewed at
Have a good week.
Patrick Azadian - California


This is the space where I should have published the emails I received urging me to run for the office of Armenian representative in the Cyprus House of Representatives.
I have decided not published any of them, and I thank everyone for their "vote of confidence."
I find it morally wrong to run for office when I openly advocated for the formulation of a platform that would come to a consensus for a commonly accepted candidate.
This effort failed. A consensus candidate commonly accepted by all was not accomplished. I am sure that the parties involved in this effort, will give their interpretation of the events. The pages of Gibrahayer e-magazine are open for this discussion as well.
Elections are set for October 9. As a firm believer of the implementation of democratic institutions and public dialogue, I also urge you dear subscribers, to participate in this debate and most important of all to participate in the vote.
A high turnout will show our level of efficacy.
It will also show we care and are not apathetic and ignorant to the politics around us.
I sincerely wish the candidates all the best.
Simon Aynedjian - Gibrahayer e-magazine.


Dear Gibrahayer,
I was born in Cyprus and left in 1967 with my family to live in England. Than I married my husband and left for Canada - Quebec and have lived there for the past 22 years. I don't know any one here from Cyprus but I still have family in Cyprus, I would like to be able to somehow chat on line and maybe find some old school friends. My family still live in England I am all alone with my husband and two boys
in Canada. I am 48 years old. Maybe you have heard of my uncle in Cyprus Haroutioun Anmahouni who is or was the head of the Boy Scouts in Melkonian and Nareg School. I just want to be able to keep in touch with my roots as I have happy childhood memories.
It would be nice to chat with anyone who would remember me .
Thank you and if you know of any chat lines from Cyprus it would be great.
Sosi Ohanian, Phone:- 450-688-7085 Quebec - Canada
ARTSAGANG You can read the Armenian community's 20- page monthly Armenian publication in front of your computer in pdf format at:


September 8, 2005 LA TIMES EDITORIAL - Orhan Pamuk, arguably Turkey's most famous novelist, knew it was risky to ask what had happened to hundreds of thousands of Armenians killed during the era of the Ottoman Empire. But the threats didn't silence him.
Pamuk wondered out loud about the fate of Turkey's Armenian community, and the more recent killings of 30,000 Kurds in a war against armed separatists that began in 1984, during a February interview with a Swiss newspaper.
Seven months later, and one day before European Union ministers were scheduled to discuss Turkey's bid to join the union, a Turkish public prosecutor charged Pamuk with insulting his country.
In Turkey, it is a crime to "denigrate" Turkish identity, punishable by up to three years in prison. It is up to government authorities to define the meaning of "denigration." Pamuk is scheduled to go to trial on Dec. 16.
The timing of Pamuk's prosecution suggests a deliberate attempt by conservatives within the Turkish government to derail the country's EU negotiations. It clearly violates the conditions set for Turkey's EU membership, such as guaranteeing free-speech rights.
In spite of a plethora of evidence gathered by Henry Morgenthau, the U.S. ambassador in Constantinople from 1913 to 1916, that detailed how the Turkish government engaged in the systematic annihilation of Armenians, the Turks still refuse to admit culpability. Instead, they argue that Armenians who collaborated with the invading Russian forces were deported to Syria and that many of them died of exposure, famine and disease on their journey.
Pamuk, whose book, "My Name Is Red," has been translated into more than 20 languages, and other Turkish intellectuals have called for a public debate on their country's past.
Last May, Turkish academics organized a conference in Istanbul on the fate of Ottoman Armenians. Justice Minister Cemil Cicek postponed the conference the day before it was supposed to open.
These skirmishes are part of a bigger battle between traditionalists and those who favor European-style modernization.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan should order a halt to Pamuk's prosecution, and his government needs to foster more freedom of expression and thought in Turkey. Striking arbitrary laws that give the government the right to imprison "critics" of Turkey would be a start. So would an open debate on the fate of the country's Armenian population in the early 20th century.

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A theory about coincidences or simultaneous occurrences and infinity

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian is an internationally acclaimed film producer, theater director, a classical music composer, a classical scholar and social scientist, fluent in many modern languages, including French, German, Arabic, Armenian and Chinese.


Coincidences or Simultaneous occurrences are puzzling phenomena. Most people have experienced them, and some on many occasions – when you would be thinking of a person, and suddenly he/she appears (“speak of the Devil” they say), or the telephone rings and there he/she is at the other end of the line. Folk wisdom ascribes it to the powers of the Devil, while scientists scratch their heads for an acceptable theory.

On one occasion, I picked up the telephone to ring the London Iranian-Armenian poetess, Mrs. Shoghik Minassian, only to find her at the other end of the line without the telephone having yet rang... she had picked up the telephone to make a phone call herself. In even more of a complex and extremely unlikely version of this – I have dialled the London based Painter from Armenia, Artour Oshakantsi’s number, to discover him at the other end of the line having picked up the telephone with the intention of telephoning me!

Coincidences are the chance occurrence of two unlikely events, seemingly connected, sometimes the same, happening simultaneously, often at the same time, overlapping, and even if not, still unlikely to occur, let alone out of the blue, for no logical reason at all – it is how Matter behaves at the subatomic Quantum level that scientists are still unable but struggling to explain...
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Tel:22665155 ,

ARMENIAN MUSIC By Arek Dakessian in Beirut
GIBRAHAYER e-magazineThis section is dedicated to bringing Armenian music closer to us, shedding light on the Armenian music scene and its history.

DEREK SHERINIAN His latest album, released on the 9th of November 2004, features a number of high-profile guests such as Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens, Simon Philips, Marco Mendoza, Brian Tichy...
Currently he is on tour with Billy Idol
Alice Cooper on Derek Sherinian: "There are a few people on this world who are born rock stars, he is one" Derek was born Laguna Beach Calif. - an hour south of LA. He started playing the piano at the age of 5, During his school years, Derek got offered a scholarship to the prestigious Berkley School of Music in Boston, where - from his junior year on in 1982- he jammed with the likes of Will Calhoun who went on to play the bass guitar with Megadeth and others...
After three semesters at Berkley Derek felt he had what it took to get up on the big stage, and he got a phone call from his Berkley buddy Pitrelli, who had just been named musical director of the Alice Cooper band, they were looking for a keyboard player... He auditioned and got it.
Then Sherinian played with Kiss and Dream Theater alongside other bands, he even formed a band of his own: Planet X, which was supposed to be the name of his first solo album. Planet X released four albums. Derek himself has released four solo albums... the number which is the astonishing one is the number of albums he has been in, and as a band member, essential, is 19!!!
Another one of us who's made it in the big time!
visit his personal website:

• At the US Open Tennis Championships Armenian Argentinean David Nalbandian lost to world number one Roger Federer 3-0, while Andre Agassi managed to win a set in the finals of the same event. Federer won US$ 2.2 million dollars for 15 days of work on the courts.
•In the European Futsal (five-a-side football) competition, Tal Grig Yerevan needed an Emil Mesropyan goal, three seconds from time to keep them on track for qualification from the four-team UEFA Futsal Cup preliminary round mini-tournament. The Armenian champions' successful spot-kick ensured a last-gasp 5-4 victory against Dinamo Tirana of Albania .
•Ararat AGBU of Nicosia are representing Cyprus in the Futsal Cup Champions League from 8-13 October, in a round robin tournament that will take place in Bucharest. Bidding for qualification are the Albanian, Armenian and English teams, while Aramis of Hungary and Benefica of Portugal will be teams the Armenian Cypriot team will be facing in their Group. Good luck to the Cyprus Champions!
•15 tear old Zaruhi Harutyunyan of Armenia - participating in the world ranking ITF Junior Championships (under 18) in Nicosia - made it to the semi finals of the doubles event and challenged the second seed - three years her senior - world number 228 Zuzanna Likhova of the Czech Republic eventually losing 7-6, 6-4. In the same tournament Harutyunyan defeated Cyprus number one Irene Ketseva.
•( )- Larnaca Open Tennis Championships. Dikran Bedrossian of London and Simon Aynedjian of Nicosia have teamed up to contest the seniors men's doubles tournament.

g i b r a h a y c a l e n d a r

•AYF weekly meetings continue every Monday at AYMA. Next meeting on Monday 19 September at 9:30 pm
•Badanegan meetings - for children from 7- 12 years old - have begun. They take place every Saturday at 4:00 pm at AYMA
•AYMA / HMEM Chicco football practices take place every Friday at 7:30 pm at AYMA
•Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation via real audio on . Broadcast 17:00-18:00 local Cyprus time (14:00-15:00 GMT). Armenian news every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday
•New Year's Eve Dinner and Dance in London on December 31, 2005. Harout Pampoukdjian and his Band will be performing in London at the Royal Lancaster at Hyde Park - London on Saturday 31 December 2005. Reception at 8:00 pm and Dinner at 9:00 pm. Tickets at 85.00 and Stage Tables at 95.00. For bookings contact Janet Mardirossian at 4420 84221662, Yvette Mankassarian at 4420 79375703, Ovsig Saroukhanoff at 88683538 and Alenoush Ohanian at 4420 8998 8048 or the following email address . Special 99.00 per room rate has been arranged by the hotel for overnight stayers. Organised by HOM (Armenian Relief Society), Hamazkayin and HMEM.

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