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Anche una rappresentanza armena alla manifestazione "Occupy Wall Street"!
Anoush Ter Taulian .. aveva cofezionato un T-shirt con la scritta Turchia Orientale occupa l'Armenia Occidentale... decise di allestire un tavolo d'informazione e depliant segnalando la macchina di guerra americana ....che spendeva $7 milioni di dollari per armi... alla Turchia e altri milioni per dissuadere i Congressmen Americani al riconoscimento del genocidio......l'iniziativa suscitò molto interesse tra i visitatori!......

L'articolo per intero nel sito sottondicato :

By Anoush Ter Taulian
At Occupied Wall St. I was wearing a T-shirt I made that said Eastern Turkey is Occupied Western Armenia when a man came up to me and asked “Does your T-Shirt have to do with Thanksgiving?” So I decided to camp out at OWS and set up an Armenian information table. I made a flyer and sign that said the US war machine corporations like Goodrich, Chevron, Raytheon, Exxon, United Technologies and Northrop Grumman spend over $7 billion dollars in sales to Turkey and also spend millions of dollars lobbying US congressmen not to pass the 1915 Armenian Genocide recognition bill.



Fortunately many individual Armenians had already spoken out at OWS, but there was no presence of Armenian organizations or groups to help educate the American public about Armenian issues. I had called the ANCA to get a list of corporations like Coca Cola, Pfizer, Frito Lay, Motorola, ect. that were supporting Turkish denialist policies, but they they had no NY representative to help pass out information or get Armenian petitions signed. Even though daily at OWS the were demonstrations by groups such as teachers, doctors and nurses, unions, environmentalists, some Armenians were too conservative to associate with OWS. Perhaps they feared getting caught up in a mass arrest or didn’t value this grassroots revolution.

After spending nine years in the war zone in Artsakh, I contacted a lot of the media when I returned to the US, but it was very hard to get press coverage of Armenian issues. Now OWS was a perfect PR opportunity. The Armenian table and signs were photographed by hundreds of people and put on many face books and twitters. I was interviewed by television and radio reporters from around the world. I also got to talk to a lot of people who wanted more information about the Genocide. A 14 year old Armenian boy came by and said his grandmother had taken him to church, but since they were speaking Armenian he didn’t understand anything. He didn’t know much about the Genocide, but asked a lot of questions. A young Irish man came up to the table explaining the Genocide to his friend that had never heard of it. Every day over a thousand people were visiting OWS and many had no idea where Armenia was.

Seta M.

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