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Sponsors: 14th Annual ARPA International Film Festival - September 22 - 24,
Date & Time: Saturday, September 24, 2011 - 1:30 PM - Tickets: $12.00
Location: Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Blvd. - Hollywood, CA. 90028 -Tel: (323) 461-2020 -

Throughout the ages humanity has both praised and condemned those of distinction with uncertain reverence for the person underneath the veneer.
Those special few have no choice in the matter. They can only live their lives the way it must play out. One such special individual, 'Komitas Vartabed,' an Armenian priest, singer, choir director, composer, musicologist, music ethnologist, and music pedagogue, experienced a life filled with the passion of dreams pursued. The world has proclaimed him as the Armenian Beethoven!

Tragically, Komitas also witnessed the devastation of that dream during the calamity of the Armenian Genocide in the years 1915 - 1923 in Ottoman Empire
of Turkey.

Written and directed by David Robert Deranian, PhD and co-produced with Dr.
Charles Andrews, and with editing by Austin Hines and sound by Steve Urspringer, the film highlights the amazing life of Komitas as told through different perspectives of music, history, psychology and religion.

John Chookasian, of the "Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble," 2010 Armenian Grammy Awards Winner at the 7000 seat Nokia Theatre in LA, CA."; speaks about Komitas through his musical, historical expertise and artistic passion; noting that Komitas traveled for years, from village to village,transcribing and saving over 3,000 + Armenian folk songs that would have ordinarily been lost forever.

Mihran Toumajan, who is the grand nephew of one of Komitas's select students, describes Komitas in terms of the history and politics of the time. Dr. Scott Asmar gives an interpretation of the emotional state of Komitas based on the suffering he endured during the years of the Genocide.
Rev. Datev Tatoulian speaks of how Komitas's music has shaped the spiritual and and cultural elements of the Armenian people.

A related feature film is currently in development that tells the true story about Komitas and the other 200+ Armenian intellectuals/leaders that were arrested on April 24, 1915 for deportation to death camps, thus initiating the start of the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated and executed by the Ottoman Turkish Government.

Notwithstanding a history of animosity between Turks and Armenians, there have been enlightened moments when some Turks and Armenians worked together to do what was right. Rescuing Komitas from the death camps was one such moment. Besides telling the horrifying story of the Armenian Genocide, the film is also meant as an alternative model to Turks, that instead of backing the ill-onceived denial of the Armenian Genocide, they can instead take heart that there were Turkish heroes that risked all to save Armenians during 1915 to 1923.. This film tells just such a story.

For more information contact the pilot film producers: Dr. David Deranian at Also at


A. John and Barbara Chookasian were the"2010 Armenian Music Grammy Awards Winners" at the 7000 seat, world-famous Nokia Theater in LA, CA. and featured on the Cover of USA Armenian Life Newspaper. The January 2011 issue, of "Fresno Magazine" wrote a wonderful article and placed a photo of my wife, Barbara and I, John Chookasian, holding a "Music Oscar!"

B. The former President Robert Kocharian, of Armenia, personally invited our "Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble" for a one-month concert/festival tour of Armenian and Karabagh. During our last concert performance, in Yerevan's eautiful Grand Philharmonic Concert Hall, to an audience of 3000 + people, we were presented with "Armenia's National Gold Medal Award," by the Armenian Cultural Ambassador, Mr. Royland Sharoyan. We are the only Armenian Ensemble in the USA that has been given this honor, recognition and award.

C Our "Chookasian Armenian Ensemble" performed for a special fundraising
reception for the "Armenian Church of the Desert" in Rancho Mirage, CA during 2005 for His Holiness, Catholicos, Karekin II, from Armenia. He came and blessed the church's new foundation corner stone and "Khatchkar" (Armenian Cross-Stone). We felt so, so honored to be in his company and perform

for him and for the many thousands of guests present at this cultural
church event!

C. Also, here is the U-tube link to my California State University,Fresno Armenian Concert Program, that PBS Channel 18 TV filmed and later broadcasted to over 2 million people in California several times. Our "Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble's" California State University, Fresno was a highly successful sold-out Armenian Concert Program. Please find the enclosed

You Tube link:

If you are planning any future fundraising concerts, festivals, special receptions or cultural events for the newspaper, please keep us in mind.

Lastly, if you would like to interview our Armenian Ensemble or our Komitas
Film Project please contact us.

Best wishes for good health and success to you and your very important work!

Stay well, you are doing a great job for our Armenian country, arts and its

Manak Parov,
John & Barbara Chookasian
Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble
2511 West Browning Ave.
Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 213-1909

Zatik Armenian Newspaper
Mr. Vahe Vartanian, Editor
Yerevan, Armenia
Dear Mr. Vartanian,
I hope this letter finds you, your families and your Armenian newspaper staff in the best of health.
I would like to announce our Komitas Vartabed Film information to you, your staff and to the people on your E-mail lists.
Would you please send this cultural information to them and place it on your newspaper website.
Thank you very much for your support of our Armenian culture, it will be very much appreciated.
I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce you to our award winning unique "Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble."


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