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France: A young man of French-Armenian origin, candidate for presidential election 2012
Maxime Verner, 21, son of a taxi driver and a French mother of Armenian descent (Florence Krekdjian), presented his candidacy for the presidential election in 2012.

His project is presented in a book published on Thursday: " Youth of all ages meet us! 89 proposals for 2012 "

For example, he proposes that the driving licence a car is completely free, funded by the French government and highways companies . Engaged in politics very young, Maxim wants to be the candidate of the French youth to be able to present his ideas and to transmit them to the representative of the Republic. He preaches for the establishment of intergenerational solidarity aimed at boosting young people in the work world.

Candidature of this student in political communication creates sensation in France. Many articles have been written on his project and he was invited to speak on several television channels.


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