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Who Are the Armenians?
Bringing Armenian History and Culture to Young Readers
A Lecture by Dr. Susan Pattie
Author and Anthropologist Director, Armenian Institute, London, UK Senior Research Fellow, University College London
Who Are the Armenians? is a guide for both children and adults to learn about the Armenian people. Aimed at children aged 5-12, the book brings the
3,000-year-old Armenian history and culture to life through folktales,language, food, religion, music, dance, art, poetry, sports, and games.
book includes information about the Republic of Armenia and also explains how Armenians have made homes all over the world. Who are the Armenians? presents the lives of children in Armenia and diaspora countries showing how they live today. A CD is included with songs, poems, dance music, and spoken words.
The book Who Are the Armenians? has no connection with the still-existing permanent and travelling exhibitions of the same name created earlier by the
Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, MA.

Dr. Susan Pattie is a Senior Research Fellow at University College London (anthropology), teaches for the Syracuse University London Program, and is
Director of the Armenian Institute. She was a Visiting Scholar in the Armenian Studies Program and Anthropology Department at the University of Michigan in autumn 2009. Author of Faith in History: Armenians Rebuilding Community (Smithsonian Institution Press) and numerous other publications, Dr. Pattie's
research has focused on Armenians in diaspora, beginning with fieldwork in Cyprus.

While in the area, Dr. Pattie will also speak to fourth graders at St.Stephen's Armenian Elementary School in Watertown.


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