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Armenian Genocide remembrance month is upon us
Dear Readers,
Armenian Genocide remembrance month is upon us, and we honor the memory of our fallen ancestors year after year on the 24th of April for the atrocities committed by the Turkish Ottoman Empire leading to the deaths of more than 1.5 million Armenians.
It is a somber month, but at the same time a month of remembrance and action.

Let us join together to bring back the memories of our fallen ancestors through the 1915Club <>
, an online remembrance community designed specifically to recreate life before the dark years of 1915-1923. <>
is the first project of its kind that seeks to rebuild a Timeless and Virtual Armenia on the World Wide Web. This cutting-edge website is yours to build. It has been designed to revive the sights, sounds, and sensations of a timeless and borderless Armenia, with the contribution of your photos, memories, videos, songs, recipes,stories, testimonials and history.

Your contribution to the 1915Club <>
will help enhance the website and make it a valuable resource to the global Armenian community. It is dedicated to education,documentation, and recreation of the lost past. Anyone who has been affected by the Armenian Genocide, and anyone interested in
preserving and recreating the past, may join for FREE.
So enter and browse, and better yet, join the global 1915 Club <>, and enrich this treasury by adding your own family's photos,
stories, and experiences, related to the cities, towns, and villages, that Armenians once called home and help honor the memory of our fallen ancestors during this time of remembrance.

Center for Armenian Remembrance <>

1915Club <>

& CenterAR News <>

Center for Armenian Remembrance

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