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April 11, 2011 - By Ivan Gharibyan - Azerbaijani President has actually called on the international community to follow the Libyan scenario and start bombing Nagorno-Karabakh and the security zone surrounding it.
That is the leading idea of his interview with the Russia-24 TV channel. Responding to a question about prospect for a peace settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Azeri President said that the U.N. Security Council adopted four resolutions “on withdrawal of Armenian occupation troops from the Azerbaijani territory, with none of them implemented.”
“When we see the U.S. Security Council’s resolutions put into practice just a few hours after they are approved, whereas resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh have not been implemented for 17 or 18 years, a natural question is: what is the reason for such efficiency and, on the other hand, passivity in our case?” Aliyev added.
If the coalition began air strikes on Libya accusing the country of not implementing the U.N. Security Council’s resolution, President Aliyev’s statements can only be interpreted as a call for similar actions against Nagorno-Karabakh. According to official Baku, four resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh have not so far been implemented.
Aliyev, who must have taken advantage of his interview with the main Russian TV channel to call for following the Libyan scenario in the case of Karabakh, called on Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to play an active role in the process (to a large extent, Moscow’s not vetoing the Libya resolution proved the green light to air strikes on Libya).
“So we hope for more active involvement of the mediators, particularly the Minsk Group Co-Chairs and Russia, as a regional country and our neighbor, considering the active role Russia has been playing recently,” the Azerbaijani President particularly said.
No wonder hardly anyone is surprised at the Aliev’s overheated imagination. However, such opinions aired by the main TV channel of Russia, Armenia’s strategic ally, are surprising.

8 April - - The Armenian side will take all appropriate measures to organize flights to different countries from the newly constructed airport in Stepanakert, the head of the Nagorno-Karabakh Civil Aviation Department has said.
"Some day in future our planes will fly to Paris, Moscow and many other parts of the world, Dmitry Adbashyan told
He added in the meantime that ICAO's current charter allows Stepanakert planes to fly only to Yerevan.
The Stepanakert airport will be handed over to operation in May, 2011.

Adbashyan said that three 50-seat aircrafts will serve the flights.

The tickets will cost 16,000-18,000 drams (about $43-49).
Abashyan also added that Artsakh has specially trained personnel to operate the airport.
"Specialists from Yerevan are training our young specialists. Our first step was the opening of a training center," he said.
The specialists trained in Stepanakert will also have additional training courses at Yerevan's Zvartnots airport.


April 11, 2011 - BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - An Argentine judge says "the Turkish state committed the crime of genocide against the Armenian people "between 1915 and 1923.
The ruling of last Friday also says Turkey should help an Armenian descendant living in Argentina learn the fate of more than 50 of his relatives who disappeared nearly a century ago.
Many international experts say the killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I was genocide. Turkey maintains that far fewer died and due to civil war and unrest, rather than genocide.
The Turkish Embassy in Buenos Aires has not responded to a request for comment.
Judge Norberto Oyarbide says his ruling is "declarative" only, with no value other than the truth.

LOS ANGELES - Reality star and celebrity Kim Kardashian is upset over the use of her photo on the cover of the Turkish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, reported the entertainment website TMZ on Monday.
The cover of the most recent Turkish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.
According to the site, Kardashian was unaware that her picture would be published on the cover of the Turkish Cosmo, especially so close to April 24th and the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.
The pictures were from an international photo shoot and were used by several editions of Cosmo, reported TMZ, adding that the magazine did not inform Kardashian or her representatives that the photos would appear in the Turkish edition.
“It’s disrespectful to Kim Kardashian and to all Armenians for the publishers of Cosmopolitan to use her image, without her permission, on the month we mark Turkey’s genocide against the Armenian people,” the executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America, Aram Hamparian told TMZ.
“Instead of trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors in its April issue, Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government’s shameful effort to cover up this atrocity,” continued Hamparian.
Lending his outrage was LA-based lawyer Mark Geragos, saying, “it’s another example of the Turks rubbing salt in the wound of the Armenian people,” reported TMZ.
Geragos, who according to TMZ is Kardashian’s friend, said that Turkey is on a campaign to “co-opt” LA icons. “The Turks used Kobe Bryant’s image to promote Turkish Airlines, and now Kim.”
Cosmo could not be reached for comment.

Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association's
"TIMAG" Theater Group presents

A few words about the play: The Medzavorian family - originally from Beirut - Lebanon have been living in Los Angeles, California for 40 years. They have one daughter named Sevan, aged 35. She is attractive and very smart. Despite being a lawyer by profession, she has always succumbed to her parent’s old fashioned ideas and still lives at their home. They have managed to stop her from getting married to a non Armenian for all these years, but as a result, they have also managed to keep her from getting married. She is fine with that, but they are not. Her best friend encourages her to check out a single’s website where she meets an Armenian man, a dream man.
It all sounds too good to be true …

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
For Publication
Gibrahayer E-Magazine – Nicosia-Cyprus

Dear Simon,
As an Armenian Cypriot living in London with family in Cyprus, I would first like to thank you for all your efforts in publishing Gibrahayer and to keeping us all informed regularly with all the developments in the community.
I have followed Vartkes Mahdessian’s tireless work over the last five years and the outstanding results he has achieved through effective, focused work and utilising his extensive network amongst the Cypriot political establishment. One such result is the passing of the legislation in the Cyprus Parliament for upgrading the status of the three minorities – which I believe was supported unanimously by all MPs. This certainly elevates the Armenian Community’s status and provides us with a stronger platform to address all issues of concern to the Community via its MP.
I congratulate the efforts of our MP Vartkes Mahdessian in making this legislation a reality; wish him all the best for an even more successful second term in office and I look forward to keeping abreast of developments through your newsletter.
Good luck and Well Done!
Anya Yiapanis

I would like to congratulate the efforts of the Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian and the other representatives of the religious minorities of Cyprus, regarding the imminent passing of the new minority legislation. As a former member of the Cypriot community I am proud to see that the rights of our communities are continually being enhanced and that the decision making processes on matters related to our community affairs, will be more transparent.
Hagop Tokatlian - Canada

Letter to the Editor For Publication
Gibrahayer E-Magazine - Nicosia - Cyprus

Dear Editor,
First and foremost, I would like to congratulate MP Vartkes Mahdessian for bringing legislation to the Cyprus Parliament for the upgrading of the status of the Representatives of the Armenian,Maronite,and Latin Minorities and also passing the legislation unanimously in the house.
Its an excellent legislation which should make the Armenian and other communities on the island appreciate the new Law, in order for them to have a real say in their affairs.
With this new law the Armenian community has a real voice through its MP on all matters that effect Community matters.
Mr Vartkes Mahdessian should be congratulated by all as its in their interest that this Law has been brought forward and passed.
I wish Mr Mahdessian a second term in office as an MP as he has been an outstanding Representative for all sections of the Armenian community in Cyprus.
Yours sincerely,
Mihran Keheyian - UK

Hi All,
For your information, I am sending you this email I shared with a group of Armenians in Toronto. Please feel free to further spread it.
I was prompted by a blog from Kiva Fellow Caree Edson who is currently serving a 3-month placement in Armenia, to look into the numbers and impact Kiva loans have had in Armenia since November 1, 2010, when a group of people and myself gained interest on Kiva's activities. Here's what I found:
- 204 loan requests were posted from Armenia (at the moment there are 30 raising funds)
- Over US$450,000 raised
- by 10,000 lenders from around the world (lending $25 each or more), of whom only 11-12% were Armenians
- 44% of loans were for agricultural and farming purposes, 56% for small businesses (retail food, clothing, construction, services)
- Almost 45% of borrowers were women

I am fascinated that in 5 short months thousands of well-meaning people have put almost half million dollars--with no strings attached-- in the hands of our brothers and sisters in Armenia to go about with their businesses. The good news is that a couple hundred of farmers and business owners are off to tend their fields, farms and shops.
In the next day or two, if you have time, please visit As I mentioned there are 30 new loan requests. Join us! Some of us who have loaned funds, are getting brilliant feedback. Caree's blog was full of updates. If anyone is interested to read the blog, you can find it on Kiva Fellows page on Kiva website
Poverty relief in Armenia needs to be our priority and that happens by empowering the people, because we have a shared vision of a just, modern and prosperous Armenia.

Thank you.
Seta Ghougassian - Canada

Hi Simon,
I was very pleased and enthusiastic to find out that the modification concerning the Law on Religious Groups is voted and accepted and just wanted to drop you an email with a couple of words and share my thoughts.
I was delighted even further that the initiative was our representative’s. Great work Mr. Mahdessian!
I’m sure the new legislation, with all its privileges and attention demanding responsibilities will prove to provide further checks and balances in the administration and ongoing representation of our community in whole of Cyprus and in Cyprus’ political landscape.
The new legislation, apart from its empowering elements, can and should serve as another mean of transparency. Now, considerate sides, individuals and political rivals will have a great opportunity to bring forth realistic arguments for or against the activities of the representative, instead of just wrongfully calling, opposing or criticizing irrelevant traits.
The above mentioned accomplishment on its own, is sufficient to earn him the right to be regarded as an individual with a healthy vision and a great advocate for transparency.
Not to make my “2 words” longer, I just want to remind the wise Armenian saying “Աւելի լաւ է ընդունել փորձուած թանը քան չի փորձուած մածունը”.
As a person with medical knowledge and experience, I highly recommend the “Փորձուած թան”, it’s easier digested and metabolized.
I would appreciate if you can share my above thoughts with a wider audience.
Kindest Regards,
Sebouh Monjian - Nicosia


by Hrayr Jebejian
“The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve” (Mathew 20:28)

This is how Dr. Arda Jebejian described Mrs. Nevart Kassouni-Panayiotides’ educational and ecclesiastical service in Cyprus. In fact, her service was the continuation of her father’s legacy, the late Mr. Manuel Kassouni, whose educational and ecclesiastical ministry in Cyprus among the Armenian and Cypriot communities has left its tremendous impact over the years and across many generations.
Manuel Kassouni’s newly-published book, Historical Studies, Reminiscences and Memoires, edited by Dr. Yervant Kassouny and published in Beirut in 2010, was launched on Monday, April 11, 2011, at 8:00 pm, at the Utudjian Hall, Nicosia, Cyprus. On the same night, Mrs. Nevart Kassouni-Panayiotides was acknowledged for her long years of service in Cyprus. The event was organized by the Armenian Evangelical Church in Cyprus and was held under the patronage of H.E. Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian and the Armenian Representative in the Cyprus Parliament Mr. Vartkes Mahdessian.
The program included a presentation of Manuel Kassouni‘s book by Mr. Hrayr Jebejian. The book is a collection of Manuel Kassouni’s historical researches on the formation of the Armenian nation, memoires, sermons and various reflections from his childhood years in Aintab, his deportation during the Genocide, and his settling in Cyprus. Mr. Manuel Kassouni taught in the American Academy in Larnaca for 40 years and was a prominent intellectual, historian, publisher and lay preacher.
The Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouny, Manuel Kassouny’s son, who had flown from the US for this particular event, shared his thoughts about his father’s life and work. Mr. Philip Panayiotides, Nevart’s son, who came from Switzerland for the event, shared his appreciation of his mother’s life. H.E. Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian, accompanied by Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni and Fathers Momig Habeshian and Mashdots Ashkarian, dedicated the book through the traditional Kinetson ceremony.

Mr. Vartkes Mahdessian acknowledged Mrs. Nevart’s long years of service with the presentation of a plaque. Alik and Vahe Jebejian presented two musical pieces by Handel and Mendelssohn on the flute and the piano respectively. The event was concluded by the Bahbanitch offered by the Archbishop and the Orhnoutian Aghotk by Rev. Kassouni.
The Utujian Hall was packed by members of the Armenian community in Cyprus as well as guests from the American Academy. The event was quite an emotional one for all, remembering the old days and the hard labor of the Kassouni teachers for several generations. The event was also an occasion to reconfirm the community’s legacy and to highlight the imperative to move forward with the determination to do more.
for more images from the event, please click at the link below


Gibrahayer e-magazine - On Friday May 6 at 8:00pm the much anticipated annual performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter will take place at the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia.
The SIPAN dance group will also perform at the Larnaca Municipal Hall on Friday May 15.
Director/Choreographer Felix Haroutunian, who has been teaching Hamazkayin dance ensemble in Beirut for almost two decades, has been working hard with the Cyprus chapter and are expected to thrill the audiences with a versatile bouquet of dances and songs.
Click here to view a video of SIPAN Dance Ensemble's practice session dancing ZORBA

New development project overlooking Larnaca Salt Lake, by three young Armenian professionals of our community Click here .

Previous issues of Gibrahayer e-magazine can be read here

News in Brief by Sevag Devletian
The National Assembly of Armenia passed a protocol to the agreement on prolonging the term of Russian military bases' presence in Armenia. The protocol to the amended agreement signed between Armenia and Russia on August 20, 2010 was approved with a vote of 80 in favor, 1 against and 1 abstention. The amendments to the original agreement dated March 16, 1995, stipulate that the Russian bases should, apart from protecting their country's interests, ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia in collaboration with the Armenian armed forces.
On behalf of Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Armenian leader Serzh Sargsyan was invited to attend the UN conference due May 9-13 in Istanbul. Israeli President Shimon Peres, French President Nicolas Sarkozy were also invited along with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose attendance is unconfirmed. The forum is expected to host 59-69 presidents and over 100 foreign ministers, according to Zaman.
The 2011 process of replenishment of the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity kicked off. During the process, various states present applications on their national intangible values. For this purpose the Culture Ministry of the Republic of Armenia drafted and presented the application of one of the masterpieces of Armenian folklore "Sasna Tsrer kam Sasuntsi Davit" epos in association with the Armenian National Committee on UNESCO Affairs.
A massive grave of Kurdish armed rebels representing the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) has been found in an Armenian churchyard in Turkey, according to the Firat news agency. The Kurdish rebels were reportedly killed in a clash with Turkish soldiers. The seven armed rebels killed between 1984 and 1994 are buried in the yard of a church in Shirvan region.

Following an article published in the Gibrahayer e-magazine issue of 02 April 2011 by Simon Davidian titled “CYPRUS WAKE UP!”, I was urged to write down my thoughts and worries that had since long concerned me. The article, written in the simple words of a young man, who in my opinion is the victim of a wave of anti-EU and xenophobic sentiment that is gripping Europe at large due to economic instability and rising unemployment, made me realize how close the danger is to home. The final words of Simon: “It seems since 1974, the enemy has evolved from the Turks into the European Union. Always question your authority. Cyprus wake up!” scare me to the marrow of my bones for I know not what is worse, to have the EU compared to a murderous foreign invader, or to not realize the incomparable crime perpetrated by Turkey in regards to Cyprus.
Dear Simon Davidian, good morning, please do wake up or else you will soon be woken up… and you will not like what happens then!
Diran Kassabian
A Good Morning - Diran Kassabian

1st of May, 2004. I remember that morning quite vividly. It was unexpectedly sunny for mid spring in the rural town in Germany where I was living and studying for my first degree. It was a good day and not even the strong breeze could bend my resolve to make the 15 minute walk down the road from the student house I was staying to the small train station they had built near the other end of the university compound. I remember those first steps on the stone cobbled road, with the short grass being whipped about by the wind. It was a quite morning and I was alone on the road, but that is not surprising as the Friday evening of the day before was dedicated from students to beer drinking and all else that follows.
It was just another lazy Saturday morning for most, but for me it was a special morning, for that morning I was no longer an “Auslander” (the German word for foreigner) but instead a European. Well, perhaps that is not entirely true as I always had felt as a European and the Germans where very friendly with us, but now that title actually had a definitive meaning for me, as on the 1st of May 2004 Cyprus together with nine other European countries had joined the European Union. I was in Germany, I was home.
Seven years later, one more EU enlargement and the greatest financial crisis that the world has seen since the Second World War and Cyprus is a fully participating member of the EU and the Eurozone and is on the brink of taking the EU presidency in the second half of 2012. Throughout its history the EU has faced many challenges and one way or another managed to overcome them and continue to evolve to better be a Europe for Europeans. The effort has been earnest, sometimes misguided, and sometimes erroneous yet with the intention of forging a union that encompasses the spirit of being a European.
the rest of the article here:

the rest of the article here:

TENNIS FOR ALL - Group lessons for children and adults, private lessons for amateurs or professionals, lessons given by certified tennis coaches in Acropolis Nicosia, At Terra Santa newly-built tennis courts. You may also rent courts on a short or long-term basis. Call Jeremy on 96531869.

Gibrahayer Calendar Events

Wednesday 13 April at 10:00 am - POSTPONED due to the death of Former Minister of Education Akis Kleanthous. The Dhali Gymnasium with the initiative of resident teacher Levon Kazandjian is organising an event entitled "The Armenian Genocide: from past to present" with the participation of the SIPAN Dance Ensemble of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association's Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter and singer Sona Gargaloyan. Main speaker of the day will be the President of the Cyprus Parliament Marios Garoyian. The event has been postponed for the month of May, the details of which will be announced soon.
Friday, April 15 at - Breakfast organised by the Armenian Prelature for the Nareg students that participated in the Church Arevakal ceremonies during Medz Bahk.
Friday, April 15 at 6:00 pm - Lecture at the Sourp Asdvadzadzin church by Violette Tashdjian on the topic of "Manouge yev Azkayin Mshagouyte" (The child and the national culture).
Saturday 16 April at 4:00 pm - Easter Tea Bazaar Fundraiser for Armenian Relief Society Cyprus "Sosse" Chapter's humanitarian projects in Armenia and Artsakh at HMEM / AYMA.
Sunday 17 April at 9:30 am - Divine Dzaghgazart Liturgy with Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian officiating.
Sunday 17 April at 11:00 am - Easter candles will be sold at 3 euros at the Church entrance. After the Church service the Nareg Parents Association of Nicosia has organised the Dzaghgazart Cake Bazaar inside the school premises, where a painting exhibition by Nareg students will also be held.

Sunday, 17 April at 12:30 noon - Katerina Milioti, the presenter of the popular weekly programme “I Kypros Konta Sas” is dedicating a large part of her programme to the Armenians of Cyprus. By her own admission, Milioti said that she wanted “to show something different” on her programme, which includes traditional folk music performed by Alice on the ‘kanon’ and Haig on the piano-synthesiser, a brief discussion with journalist Masis Der Partogh and … traditional recipes and a variation of ‘mante’ by celebrity TV chef Sevan Sarian Der Bedrossian. Special thanks to Nazig Costanian and the Armenian Representative’s office for their coordination in helping produce the episode. The programme will also be shown on RIK Sat and can be viewed live on (choose ‘Deite Zontana’ or ‘TV Live Streaming’).
Sunday April 17 April at 6:00 pm - Derenpatsek ceremony at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church.
Sunday April 17 at 8:00 pm - Hamazkayin "Oshagan" Cyprus Chapter's annual theatrical performance at PASIDY Hall. "Ges hay in LA" written and directed by Natasha Tavoukjian.
Tuesday 19 April at 5:00 pm (Avak Yerkshapti) - Jamerkoutiun.
Wednesday 20 April from 4:00 - 7:00 pm - Blood-giving ceremony at Nareg School in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.
Thursday 21 April at 10:30 am (Avak Hinkshapti) - Divine Liturgy.
Thursday 21 April at 5:00 pm (Avak Hinkshapti) - Vodenleva.
Thursday 21 April at 9:10 pm - "Oi Epizontes" - "The survivors" - a documentary in Greek, about the survivors of the Armenian Genocide, living in Cyprus that will be aired from RIK2.
Friday 22 April from 7:00 pm (Avak Ourpat) - Taghoum.
Saturday, April 23, 2011, at 5:00 pm- Easter Message by Hrayr Jebejian from the Armenian program of CyBC. HAROUTIAN OUJE - (The power of the Resurrection)
Saturday 23 April from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Jrakalouys.
Sunday 24 April at 10:00 am - Easter Liturgy - Karoz by Archbishop Varoujan.
Monday 25 April at 10:00 am - Divine Liturgy and Memorial Service at Sourp Boghos Chapel (old ceremony near Ledra Palace check-point).
Monday 25 April at 7:30 pm - April 24 march from Melkonian traffic lights on Armenia street until Armenian Genocide monument.
Monday 25 April at 8:30 pm - Memorial and Vigil - Badkam from Archbishop Varoujan Hergelian. Message of the day: Armenian MP in the Cyprus Parliament Vartkes Mahdessian.
Sunday 1 May - Annual picnic organised the Melkonian Alumni and Friends. All are welcome. Details to follow.
Wednesday 4 May at 5:30 pm in Nicosia - Kravadz or. Details to follow.
Friday May 6 at 8:00pm - Annual performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at the Palace Theatre in Nicosia. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
Sunday 8 May - Pilgrimage to St. Magar Monastery organised by the Office of the Armenian Representative Vartkes Mahdessian. Details to follow.
Monday 9 May 8:00 pm - Election Gathering of Dr. Antranik Ashdjian at Hilton Park.
Tuesday 10 May at 10:00 pm - Eurovision Night at HMEM / AYMA. (semi finals). Details to follow.
Wednesday 11 May at 8:00 pm in Nicosia - Pan-Cyprian Election gathering of Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian at OCCHIO Lounge (ex-Mimoza cinema, 30 meters from The Europa Hotel) in Nicosia. Special appearance by X-Factor star Hovig Demirdjian. Drinks and food will be served. There will be bus services to the event from Armenian communities of Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca as follows: At 7:00 pm from Sourp Stepanos Church in Larnaca. At 7:00 pm from Sourp Kevork Church in Limassol and at 6:00 pm from the Carrefour Supermarket in Paphos.
Saturday 14 May at 10:00 pm - Eurovision Night (Finals) at HMEM / AYMA. Details to follow.
Sunday 15 May at 7:00 pm - Larnaca Performance of Sipan dance ensemble of the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus "Oshagan" Chapter at Larnaca Municipality Hall. Director / Choreographer Felix Haroutunian.
Wednesday 18 May at 5:00 pm in Nicosia - Marzahantes for Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol Nareg schools on the grounds of the Nicosia Nareg school.
Sunday 22 May - Parliamentary elections for the new House of Representatives, including elections for the seat of the Armenian MP.
Easter Holidays: Nareg schools will be closed from Saturday 16 April until 1 May, 2011

How to get to the Pan-Cyprian election gathering of
Armenian MP Vartkes Mahdessian at OCCHIO Lounge

Armenian Sports by Sevag Devletian
WEIGHTLIFTING: Armenia’s Smbat Margaryan won the clean & jerk bronze at the European Weightlifting Championships, which kicked off in Kazan, Russia.
CHESS: GM Sergei Movsesian celebrated victory in the 2010/11 German Schachbundesliga season with the OSG Baden-Baden team. Movsesian participated in 8 matches and gained 5.5 points.
WEIGHTLIFTING: On April 12, Armenia’s Elen Grigoryan (53kg) won silver at the European Weightlifting Championships, lifting 195kg in snatch (85kg, silver) and clean & jerk (110kg, silver) combination.
CHESS: Armenian chess players got off to a successful start at the 13th Dubai Open Chess Championship. Grandmasters Vladimir Hakobyan, Zaven Andriasian, Tigran Petrosyan, Samvel Ter-Sahakyan, Artashes Minasyan, Tigran Kotanjyan, David Petrosyan and FIDE Master Karen Grigoryan scored victories, with only Ashot Anastasyan ending his game in a draw.
GYMNASTICS: Armenia's Harutyum Merdinyan grabbed bronze on the pommel horse with 14,950 points at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships Berlin 2011.
BOXING: At the famed Bördelandhalle in Magdeburg, Germany, WBO super middleweight champion Robert Stieglitz (40-2, 23 KOs) beat Khoren Gevor (31-6, 16 KOs) with a ten round disqualification. After the bout was over, Gevor attacked the referee and was escorted away by security officials.
SWIMMING: Armenian sportsmen got off to a good start at the Russian hosted Disabled Swimming Championship. The swimmers, representing the Armenian Federation of Disability Sport won 4 medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze) competing in 50 m freestyle and 100 m breaststroke disciplines. Margarita Hovakimyan, Avag Tonoyan and Artak Davtyan represented Armenia at the championship.

HMEM /AYMA practices sessions take place every Sunday at Terra Santa Futsal Pitch at 11:00 am
Due to Dzaghgazart this week's scheduled practices,
will take place on Saturday 16 April from 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Gibrahay Sports by Sevag Devletian
AGBU Ararat cruised through a 7-2 win against Parnassos in the Cyprus Futsal Premier League. With two matches in hand Ararat have now secured second place in the league table. Highlights from the game at .
Homenmen suffered a 4-1 defeat against Arion Ergaton in the relegation playoff of the Cyprus Futsal 2nd Division.
AYMA/HMEM suffered a 3-1 defeat against Acropolis B Graduates in the Cyprus Amateur League 2nd Division.
Aynedjian father and son Simon and Edmond defeated Trillides and Theodoulou 6-1, 6-4 in the finals of the Mad4Tennis Doubles Championship that took place at the Talentum Tennis Academy Courts at Melkonian Sunday 10 April.
AGBU Ararat U-17's continued their battle as title challengers with a convincing 5-1 win against Livadiakos U-17's in the Cyprus U-17 Futsal League.

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