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Turkish provocation in the Salon du Livre in Paris
On sunday to protest against the publication of a book made available free to the French public and denying the Armenian Genocide, heading: "2000 Years of History of Turkey", Nor Serount Association has protested strongly in front of Turkish stand from International Salon du Livre, currently Porte de Versailles in Paris. In this regard, the CCAF issued a statement denouncing a new Turkish aggression on the French territory and plans to file a complaint. Deputies have been seized by the question. Recall that the France recognized the Armenian genocide on 29 January 2001 and the National Assembly adopted a law criminalizing denial of Armenian genocide on 12 October 2006. This law must be ratified by the Senate.

Extract of a passage from book inverting the roles: " after 1890 further to the massacres of the Armenians which led to murder of several thousand Turks, Ottoman government informed the most eminent characters of Armenian congregations and Armenian members of parliament that " the government is going to take the necessary precautions if the Armenians continue has to stab the Turks in the back and to kill them "

Jean Eckian / Paris

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