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mirak-weissbach “Dialogue – Understanding – Reconciliation;”
Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, born of Armenian immigrant parents in the United States, Recenzione del Libro
Personal, yes, but the name could have been “Dialogue – Understanding – Reconciliation;” it is a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences related to overcoming adversary relations among peoples and nations bred by conflict.
My book, «Through the Wall of Fire: Armenia – Iraq – Palestine: From Wrath to Reconciliation», focuses on three cardinal conflicts and explores ways of transforming historical enmity into peaceful, cooperative relationships. In the News, you can follow the Armenian-Turkish rapprochement process, moves towards a just peace in Palestine, and the perspective for an independent and sovereign Iraq to consolidate national unity. This rubric features cultural initiatives, like Arab/Israeli or Turkish/Armenian youth orchestras or filmmakers, because I believe great art has a fundamental role to play. The Links are to websites of individuals, publications, and associations engaged in such dialogue; some through historical research, or sharing news updates, or organizing activities to educate the broader public. My own views and activities are available in the Publications and Travel rubrics. The Contact function provides you the means to contribute your views.
An interview with Muriel Mirak-Weissbach author of: “Through the Wall of Fire: Armenia, Iraq, Palestine – from Wrath to Reconciliation”.

Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, born of Armenian immigrant parents in the United States, has lived most of her adult life in Italy and Germany. For the last twenty years, she has been active as a political journalist, travelling extensively throughout the Arab and Islamic World.
During the 1990s, she engaged in a humanitarian aid effort for young Iraqi victims of Desert Storm and monitored developments in Arab-Israeli relations. Her book tackles the question, whether peoples and nations who have been pitted against each other in geopolitically manipulated conflict can ever reach true reconciliation and peace. Taking the examples of the Armenian genocide of 1915, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians beginning in 1948, and the two Anglo-American wars against Iraq, she presents the tragic events through the eyes of those who were children at the time, to communicate the emotional and psychological impact on them and their offspring. Her accounts are based on personal experience, through family history as well as journalistic work over many years in the Middle East.


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