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Speaker: Missak Keleshian
On The Tracks of The Old Photos
On November 11 at the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute a public speech will be held by Missak Keleshian. He will present the photographic and the video materials regarding the American Near East Relief Organization’s orphan care activity in Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jerusalem, Egypt and Armenia after the Armenian Genocide which he had conducted on his own initiative. After the meticulous studies the author has revealed interesting episodes about the turkifying policy of the Armenian orphans in Antura’s state orphanage established by the Young Turks. It is worth to mention the story of the hand-crafted carpet made by the Armenian orphans in Ghazir which was donated to the US President.
Missak Keleshian has made remarkable findings about the history of the Armenian refugee camps in Beirut by comparing the recorded images of the numerous photos and the video materials.
The author will present some photos on the Armenian Genocide and the Armenian orphans, previously unknown to the public.
Missak Keleshian as an electrical engineer got his education in England. It is already 11 years he has been living and working in Watertown. At present he is the representative of Silicon Valley Group in the Near East.
Date: November 11 Beginning: 16:00 AM
Place: Tsitsernakaberd/ The Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute/ Komitas hall
For further information: 010.391041

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