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Today on November 9, France pays tribute to Charles de Gaulle
Man of the June 18, 1940, father of the Fifth French Republic, of the reconciliation
with Germany and openness to Europe, visiting Syria during the occupation,
on july 1941, paid homage to survivors of the Armenian genocide in 1915,
young people with an average age of 30.

" I incline myself in front of the victims of the perpetrated massacres in opposition to your peaceful people by the governments Turkish passed with an aim of exterminating it. Condemnable barbarian crime that the human conscience must banish, never not to accept, nor to forget. You are small people, rich person of culture and history; humanity owes you much and I am persuaded today that of this small number of survivors, tomorrow a valiant youth will make re-appear Arménie in safety, free and independent."

Charles de Gaulle born on November 22, 1890 is dead on November 9, 1970

Jean Eckian / Paris

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