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Sabato 16 ottobre: Inaugurato in Armenia il teleferico pił lungo del mondo (5,7 Km.)
Il teleferico permetterà di arrivare a Tatev (complesso monastico del XI secolo antico centro spirituale, culturale e importante meta turistica ..) in pochi minuti invece delle ore finòra necessarie

Il presidente della Repubblica e Karekin Ii erano tra i primi passeggeri insieme ad alte autorità e 6 bambini dei paesi circostanti che saranno collegati a Tatev...

Armenia was inaugurated on Saturday the longest cable car in the world, spanning a length of 5.7 km of the spectacular gorges until Vorotan Tatev medieval monastery in the south of this former Soviet republic.

Gathered at the foot of a mountain near the border with Iran, the Armenian president, Serge Sargsyan, and the highest dignitary of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Karekin II, performed alongside other guests the first official visit the gondola, was a journalist from AFP.

The new link will allow reaching the area all year Tatev Monastery, a complex dating from the ninth century is one of the most important religious centers of the Caucasus countries and a major tourist attraction.

During an inaugural ceremony, Mr. Sarkissian stressed the “importance” of this route for Tatev and surrounding region, welcoming the outcome of the project in spite of numerous difficulties encountered during construction.

“The cable shows that even dreams that seem unrealistic can be made with conviction and determination,” he added.

The commissioning of this new means of transport is an important step, since it restores access to “a former sanctuary was a place of pilgrimage since the apostolic times,” said for his part Karekin II.

“The monastery Tatev among the outstanding creations of Armenian architecture that has for centuries been a vibrant center of spiritual life of Armenia, science and culture,” he added.

The layout of the cable cost $ 18 million (13 million) mainly financed by private funds, according to the National Foundation for Competitiveness of Armenia, who oversaw the project.

The gondola from the village of Halidzor near a highway that serves the capital Yerevan and the town of Tatev, where one enters the monastery on foot. It travels at a speed of 37 miles an hour and a path is going in 11 minutes. At its highest point above the throat, the cable is located at an altitude of 320 meters.

It includes two cabins that can each carry 25 passengers. The trip is free for locals, while others will pay 3,000 Armenian drams (six euros).

Poor country with borders with Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Armenia seeks to develop its tourism industry, thanks to its historical heritage.

The locals are hoping that this new route will benefit the local economy for these people who suffer from poverty and the exodus of young people seeking jobs, as is the case in other areas rural country.

“I hope that the commissioning of this cable will help boost tourism by building new hotels and create jobs so that young people who go to Russia and other countries remain here, “he told Annals Minossian, a village 80 years.

The cable is part of a proposed $ 50 million (36 million euros) of public-private funding to develop tourism in Tatev and the region, one of 15 traditional provinces of ancient kingdom of Armenia.

In this context, the state has funded the renovation of 26 km of the highway linking Yerevan to Tatev and restoration of the monastery.

So far, the cable Sandia Peak, New Mexico (USA), which was the world’s longest (4.3 miles).

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